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TOYOTA CITY, Japan, Dec. 13, 2015 – Eddie Penev of Penfield, N.Y./Team Hilton (U.S. Olympic Training Center), earned his second bronze medal on the final day of the Toyota International Gymnastics Competition in Toyota City, Japan.

Penev, who was the floor bronze medalist yesterday, added the vault bronze to his collection by finishing third at 14.787. Japan’s Kenzo Shirai easily won the title at 15.225, and Vietnam’s Le Thanh Tung was second with 14.950.

Jonathan Horton of Houston/Team Hilton (Cypress Gymnastics), finished seventh on the parallel bars at 12.550. Japan’s Yusuke Tanaka was first (15.525) and Vietnam’s Hoang Cuong was second (15.450), with Japan’s Ryohei Kato finishing out the podium in third (14.625).

On the horizontal bar, Horton earned a 13.325 and Marvin Kimble of Milwaukee/Team Hilton (U.S. Olympic Training Center) posted a 13.150, finishing seventh and eighth respectively. The high bar medalists were: Japan’s Yusuke Tanaka, gold (15.425); Hungary’s David Vecsernyes, silver (14.900); and Kato, bronze (14.750).

Kimble claimed the pommel horse bronze medal on the first day of competition. Tom Meadows and Vitaly Marinitch were the coaches for the team.

For more information and the women’s results go to toyota-taiso.com.