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2023 TOPs National Testing
  • For ages 8,9 and 10 a minimum all-around score of 36 in the Development Program at Level 3 and above must be obtained to participate in the TOPs program.
  • Physical Abilities will be done via Zoom from September - November 2022.
  • Skills testing will take place at invitational competitions, Elite national Qualifiers, and selected Nastia Liukin Cup qualifiers across the country. Each state will have the opportunity to host a TOPS qualifier at an invitational competition in their state. The process to determine the invitational will be the responsibility of the State Administrative Committee (SAC).
  • 2023 Physical Abilities List
  • The age cutoff and breakdown for TOPs for the 2022-2023 season is listed below:
    • Athletes born in 2015= 8 year olds
    • Athletes born in 2014= 9 year olds
    • Athletes born in 2013= 10 year olds
  • PDFs and videos of the 2023 routines are linked below.
  • Videos are supplemental to the text.
8 Year Olds 9-10 Year Olds