2012 J.O. National Invitational Tournament

Dates: May 11 - Check-in for credentials and meet packet at Hampton Roads Convention Center
May 12 - Training Day - Check-in 7:30 - 8:00; Training 8:00 - 10:30 am
May 13 - Competition Day (2 sessions: 9:00 am & 1:00 pm)
Site: Hampton Roads Convention Center
1610 Coliseum Drive
Hampton, VA 23666
Schedule: Click here for a schedule
Hotel: Go to ntssportstravel.com to make hotel reservations

Who's invited?

    Gymnasts ranked 8th and 9th All-Around in each of the 8 age divisions at the Level 10 Regional Championships qualify (provided they achieve a minimum AA of 34.00), plus any Regional Individual Event champions who did not qualify to JO Nationals or the JO-NIT in the AA will qualify on that event. Occasionally a Region will be allotted more than two qualifiers because another region cannot fill their slots.

What is the JO-NIT?

    Only 448 athletes out of the almost 1500 Level 10's competing at the State Championships level have the opportunity to qualify to the Jr. Olympic National Championships. The JO-NIT was developed to allow an additional 192 athletes an opportunity to compete at the National level.

    In many of the larger populated regions, the 8-9th ranked gymnasts often achieve very high AA scores but are not able to qualify to JO Nationals. Sometimes an excellent athlete has made uncharacteristic mistake at the Regional Championships and doesn't qualify to Nationals. This NIT competition will allow these excellent gymnasts another chance to participate on the National level.

    For the athletes who are in High School and aspiring to earn a college scholarship, this competition will also provide them with an opportunity to perform their routines for the NCAA coaches who will already be in attendance for JO Nationals.

How does this work? I'm an alternate to JO Nationals & a qualifier to the JO-NIT?

    Athletes ranking 8th and 9th at Regionals are considered the 1st and 2nd alternates for their age division and region for JO Nationals. Most regions encourage their alternates to attend the competition in the event that a last-minute injury might occur to one of the Regional Team members. Now those athletes who have invested in the travel to the National competition will definitely have an opportunity to compete in the JO-NIT if they are not needed to replace an injured athlete from their region.

How do I enter the JO-NIT?

    If you are a Regional alternate, your name will be placed on the JO Nationals entry list as an alternate. DO NOT PAY an entry fee to the JO Nationals meet host. If you wish to enter the JO-NIT competition, your club must enter you ONLINE as a club entry NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, APRIL 26th, 2012. The entry fee is the same as JO Nationals - $125. If you are called in to compete in JO Nationals, your JO-NIT entry fee will be automatically forwarded to the JO Nationals Meet host.

    The link to the JO-NIT club registration is: http://www.usagym.org/pages/membership/pages/club-group-processing.html.

    Alternates for the JO-NIT: Athletes ranked 10-11th (or possibly lower ranked if a region qualifiers more than 7 to JO Nationals) will be named as alternates to the JO-NIT. If any of the JO-NIT qualifiers needs to replace a JO National qualifier, we will call upon the next athlete in line to compete at the JO-NIT.

Fill out an athlete bio!

    All athletes who have qualified to the J.O. Nationals or J.O. NIT MUST visit the following website and complete their bios. These surveys are used by USA Gymnastics for information and promotional purposes, including posting pictures and bios of the winners. The Eastern, Western and National Championships meet hosts may also use these bios to publicize human interest stories about the athletes.

    More importantly, it allows us to provide information on the high-school athlete to the NCAA* coaches in attendance. Even if you are already signed with a university, we are asking you to complete the survey, as it's important that the collegiate coaches are aware of who has already committeed to a college.

    The deadline for submitting this survey is Wednesday, April 25

    Click here to fill out your bio

    *Information about all high school –age athletes will be distributed to the NCAA coaches in attendance. Any information regarding GPA, SAT/ACT scores, as well as personal information such as addresses and phone numbers will be considered confidential, and will only be given to accredited college coaches.