USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center Program

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Introduction to the USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center Program
USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling will identify 3 gymnastics clubs in 2015 to participate in the program as Trampoline Development Centers (TDCs). USA Gymnastics will also identify 3 gymnastics clubs for follow up visits to help continue the growth of the Trampoline Development Center. Only member clubs of USA Gymnastics are eligible to apply. USA Gymnastics will work with those clubs to incorporate trampoline into their gyms by providing a wide range of support to make it simple. Here are some examples of the support that USA Gym TDCs will receive:
  • Three onsite comprehensive visits by TDC Coordinator Joy Umenhofer over a three-month period
  • Clinics to educate club staff on scheduling
  • Coaching and teaching trampoline
  • Basic skills, conditioning and flexibility
  • Progressions
  • Available talent identification development programs
  • Interactive coach and athlete training sessions
  • Marketing materials
  • Operational guidelines and curriculum support
What is Trampoline?
Trampoline is one of four events including in the gymnastics discipline of Trampoline & Tumbling, often referred to as T&T (the others are synchronized trampoline, double mini-trampoline, and power tumbling). Both girls and boys can participate in all four T&T events. In trampoline, you are sure to see numerous high-flying skills that include multiple flips and twists combined into one "routine". This is elite level trampoline at its finest but participation can also be thrilling and exciting while the skills are at a more basic or recreational level.

Trampoline is an easy addition to an existing gymnastics program. Boys and girls of all ages love to jump around and tumble about – just look at the abundance of recreational trampolines and children's never ending motion. Plus, the sport of trampoline has become more widely known because of its status as an Olympic discipline. Using existing equipment in your gym, you can get a program started today!

Benefits of Trampoline Programs
Athletes of all ages and body types can enjoy and benefit from trampoline, which also enhances skill development across all gymnastics disciplines. Trampoline may also retain athletes who are looking for something different from gymnastics or need to adjust to accommodate outside scheduling challenges. Additionally, the artistic gymnastics and trampoline competitive seasons complement one another so it is possible for an athlete to participate in both.

"We have found that trampoline provides a fun segue for gymnasts who are looking for a change and it keeps them involved in the gym," said Jacobson, whose goal is to expand the number of clubs that offer both gymnastics and trampoline.

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Please direct any questions to:
Jacqui Godfrey, Trampoline & Tumbling Program Director