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Description of Available Resources
Codes of Points
These resources focus on defining the technical rules and penalties used on the competition floor, and the process of score calculation.

Primary users are judges (at meets), and coaches and athletes (in preparation for competition).

Guide to Judging
This resource focuses on describing interpretations of technical rules defined in the Code of Points.

Primary users are judges. Although less used at meets, all judges must have good knowledge of the information contained in this resource, as it is critical in order to carry out the role of a judge.

Technical educational resources
These resources focus on providing supplementary information, specifics, details, reasoning, explanations, techniques and examples behind the technical rules defined in the Code of Points.

Primary users are judges outside of meets, to increase knowledge and expertise. Coaches are also encouraged to use this resource to better understand the judging process.

General educational resources
This resource focuses on answering Frequently Asked Questions, clarifications and important points commonly arising during the season prior, as well as emphasizing changes made to the rules for the coming season.

Primary users are coaches and judges prior to the season, to increase knowledge and expertise and prepare for competitions.

Rules & Policies
This resource focuses on providing non-technical rules, guidelines and processes used to run all aspects of Trampoline & Tumbling in the U.S.

Primary users are a wider audience, including coaches, judges, meet hosts, administrators and gyms.