Voting Open for Elite Committee Coaches' Representative

Each club in good standing that had athletes compete at the 2012 Elite Championships is entitled to cast one vote for each representative position. The candidates(s) chosen should be skilled at meeting the Elite Committee directives and meet the criteria as set forth in the updated Rules & Policies section III.

Click here for qualifications and responsibilities of the position, plus the voting ballot. Ballot must be returned to Susan Jacobson at or by fax at 317-237-5069 by Noon ET on Jan. 9, 2013. Below are the nominees and their qualifications.

Trampoline Coaches' Representative

Kyle Bowen

Personal Statement

Among the many responsibilities of the elite committee the writing of the national team, world championship team, and world age group team selection procedures are perhaps the most important. It is my goal, if chosen to this committee, to improve the process by which we choose our top senior and age group athletes who represent the U.S. internationally. I also feel that having only retired from competitive trampoline after the 2008 Olympic Trials, I am uniquely qualified to speak from the perspective not only as an international level coach and judge, but also as an athlete having competed for spots on both of those teams.

I believe it is this perspective that has given the ability to successfully coach athletes to become junior and senior national champions, World Age Group Champions, and win other various international competitions – Jeffrey Gluckstein – Senior Flower Cup 2011, Cody Gesuelli – Junior Flanders Cup 2012. If elected, I will be a proactive member of the Elite Committee always striving to bring our elite coaching community closer together. Being that the trampoline and tumbling community is so small and close-knit, it is very important that we all work together.

By being on this committee, I will have the opportunity to represent my peers in a positive and respectful manner while striving to improve trampoline and tumbling here in the United States.

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Robert Null

Personal Statement

I believe I would be the best candidate for the position of Elite Coaches Representative for Trampoline in USA Gymnastics for the following reasons:

1. Experience. I have been coaching for 42 years now and have had the same amount of time accumulating competition experience. I have personally competed in Men's Artistic gymnastics for 4 years and trampoline for 10 years. I have coached at every World Championship and/or World Age Group since 1990 in addition to the Olympics in 2000.

2. Production. I have been producing Elite national champions since 1988 and World Age Group Champions since 1990. I have had trampoline Senior National Team members every year since 1988. I have had athletes representing the USA in all 4 Olympics. (Jennifer Parilla and Logan Dooley alt.) In 2012, World Elite athletes earned 23 gold medals, 13 silver, 10 bronze, 123 trips to the podium, and 11 National Team members in Long Beach and San Jose combined.

3. Creativity. In order to compete internationally with countries who have better funding and support for their athletes than we do in the US, we cannot train exactly as those countries do. We need to creatively implement alternative training methods into our structure to enhance productivity and competition results. In other words, we are not going to beat the Chinese training exactly as they do as evidenced by 2012 Women's Olympic Trampoline won by Canada.

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Dmitri Poliaroush

Personal Statement

It would be an honor for me to be an Elite Committee Member for the sport of Trampoline. This position is very important because whomever is elected would develop and implement the selection procedures of our National team. I have previous experience with this process from being National Team Coordinator.

With all of my international and Olympic experiences, I believe I can help the United States with the sport of trampoline by reaching higher results. With my position with FIG, I can bring firsthand international information to the United States which in turn can help our athletes with a suggested plan for implementing not only to have participants in the Olympics but finalists and most importantly medalists.

By being the only athlete/coach to participate in the last 4 Olympic Games and my experiences with producing the highest USA athlete at the Olympics, I can share my unique knowledge about how to produce Olympians with other coaches to have a more successful elite program. If we can achieve this goal, Trampoline can become a more recognizable sport in the United States. This will further motivate our current athletes and new athletes to pursue their dreams of success in the sport.

The selection process and workout plans are important for our athletes to have outstanding results in the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Games, World Cups, etc. Athletes should meet high standard requirements in order to be on the national team. Ultimately, we want to make the absolute best plans and strategies for our athletes to represent the United States in International Events.

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Double Mini/Tumbling Coaches' Representative

Dr. George Drew

Personal Statement

I have been involved in Trampoline and Tumbling in every facet. I have been a National Team athlete, parent, coach, judge and administrator. Through all these capacities I have seen that the truest course to success is teamwork. Whatever success I had the pleasure to witness as a World Championship Coach, I am convinced it came by the effort to first put USA at the front as team champions.

It has become evident to me that whoever fills these elected positions in the near and reaching future will have to engage in the discussion and implementation of teamwork and help move our organization in a direction that will bring that concept of team achievement to the front of each and every competition, activity and endeavor. Representing USA Gymnastics as a DMT coach at International events has made me quite aware that as the team goes, so does the individual. I do not mean this as throw away cliche' or only as a well meaning conceptual entity.

If elected I will do my best to see that the actions of USA Gymnastics T&T will move in a competitive and fiscal manner that strives to put our team athletes on the podium. In doing this, we will grow as an organization and we can then expect to see the very best achieved by our individual members as well.

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Justen Millerbernd

Personal Statement

Having been involved in tumbling and double mini trampoline for over 19 years, I would like to use my experience from international coaching and judging for the betterment of the elite program. I have produced elite athletes that have won medals at the World Championships in both tumbling and double mini trampoline, and have current knowledge as an F.I.G. Brevet Judge.

I have served as the Head Coach to the World Championships and also have been assigned to judge numerous International Competitions for both disciplines. I would like to put this experience to use to represent all the elite coaches for tumbling and double mini trampoline.

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