2019 World Championships Selection Camp
October 18-21, 2019 - Lake Placid, N.Y.

Information: Per the selection procedures for the 2019 World Championships
Location: Olympic Training Center, Lake Placid, NY
Schedule: Draft Schedule
  • Friday, Oct 18: Evening training
  • Saturday, Oct 19: Morning and afternoon training
  • Sunday, Oct 20: Morning training and afternoon/evening competition
  • Monday, Oct 21: Departure
Full camp schedule available soon
Competition schedule
Roster: Click here for the roster.
Registration: Registration is now closed.
Camp Fee: $550 per person – athletes and coaches pay (covers meals, accommodations, and training).
No refunds will be provided after the registration closing date.
Waiver Forms: The Athlete Participation Agreement must be filled out and returned to scarlson@usagym.org by August 16 for each participating athlete.
Also, both athletes and coaches must submit the National Team Training Center waiver form. This form will be emailed out directly from the OTC prior to the event.
Competition Cards: Deadline 1 p.m., October 20, 2019 (end of training on the morning of competition)
Arrival/ Departure: Airport: Albany or Plattsburg

Flights must meet the below criteria to be eligible for group transportation:
October 18th (by 2:00 pm)
October 21st (12:00 pm or later)

For participants requesting transportation, travel itineraries are due by Friday, September 6th.

Note: In the case of a flight delay when participants are scheduled for OTC transportation, it is the athlete’s/parent’s/club’s responsibility to provide Safe Sport compliant transportation from the airport to the OTC. USA Gymnastics will work with the OTC to accommodate the delayed participants on a later shuttle if possible or, in the case of a minor delay, may postpone the shuttle’s departure, however, this cannot be guaranteed nor expected. USA Gymnastics is not responsible for delayed flights that cause participants to arrive after shuttle departure times. Full responsibility for the participants’ transportation to/from camp falls on the athlete’s/parent’s/club.
Rules: Rules from the current FIG Elite Code of Points with the USA Gymnastics T&T Special Requirements.

Time of Flight will be used.
Awards: No awards will be given.
Trampoline Spotters Current USA Gymnastics professional members or age and physical size appropriate current athlete members. One spotter is required at each corner, if a throw mat is not utilized. If a throw mat is utilized, one additional spotter must be on the same side that the mat is used.
Competition Equipment
  • Eurotramp Ultimate Trampolines
  • Eurotramp Ultimate Double Mini Trampoline
  • Rod Tumbling Floor – Acrosport (plus TBD – additional Speith floor)
Contact For questions contact:
Jacqui Godfrey, T&T Program Director - jgodfrey@usagym.org
Sydney Carlson, T&T Program Manager - scarlson@usagym.org