2018 Stars & Stripes Championships
July 20-22, 2018 - Reno, Nev.

VENUE: Reno Events Center
400 N. Center Street
Reno, NV 89501
HOST: USA Gymnastics
CONTACT: For questions contact:
Jacqui Godfrey, T&T Program Director - jgodfrey@usagym.org
Natalie Joachim, T&T Program Coordinator - njoachim@usagym.org
RESULTS: Click here for results.
BLOCK SCHEDULE: Click here for the block schedule.
TRAINING SCHEDULE: Click here for the training schedule (updated 6/11)
START LIST: Click here for the start list (updated 7/18/18)
TEAM SHEETS: Click here for the team sheets (updated 7/18/18)
ADMISSION: Admission Fees
Advanced Purchase - $30.00 plus fees
Onsite Purchase - $35.00 plus fees
Two & Under – Free

Click here to purchase tickets.
Tickets will be exchanged on site for a non-transferable wristband that will grant access for competition. Training on Thursday is closed to spectators. Advanced purchase tickets are available until Wednesday, July 18 at 11:59pm EST.
On site ticket sales will begin on Thursday, July 19 at 10:00am. Advanced purchase tickets may also be exchanged for wristbands starting at this time. Please be sure to bring a paper copy or digital version of your ticket.
Tickets may only be purchased using a credit card.
*No day passes available.
ELIGIBLE COMPETITORS: All athletes meeting Stars & Stripes Championship qualifying scores and eligibility requirements at USA Gymnastics T&T sanctioned competitions may enter the Stars & Stripes Championships. All entries are subject to verification by the State Chair. All competitors must enter the Stars & Stripes Championships at the same level at which the qualifying score was reached. If the athlete competes at a higher level after the qualifying score is reached, he/she may not move back to the previous level to compete at the Stars & Stripes Championships. See the Rules & Policies and JO Code of Points for complete information.

Non-resident foreign competitors are not allowed to compete at Stars & Stripes Championships. Resident foreign JO athletes who are members of USA Gymnastics and have met all qualification requirements may compete at Stars & Stripes Championships.
ENTRY FEES AND REFUNDS: $150 Flat Fee per athlete (1 event or all). No fee for coaches.
Entry fees must be paid with a credit card on the USA Gymnastics Meet Reservation system.

Refunds will not be given for athletes who entered but did not qualify to the meet.

Full refund request deadline is June 1, 2018. Any refund requests after June 1 will be subject to approval by the Program Director and complete documentation must be submitted.
Refund form
ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS: Registration Opens: April 23, 2018
Deadline: June 1, 2018
Click here for registration instructions.
LATE ENTRY: Entries will not be accepted past the registration deadline.
INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT ENTRIES: Corrections and scratches must be submitted using the Meet Reservation system.

After June 1, all changes and scratches must be submitted using the online change form. Click here for the online change form.

All changes and scratches after Monday, July 16 must be submitted on site.

Corrections to entries after the June 1 entry deadline will cost $25 per correction.
JUDGES: Judges request for assignment due July 1st. Click here for the request for assignment form.
RULES: Rules from the JO Code of Points will be used.
Click here to order the JO Code of Points and Routines
Click here for the T&T Rules and Policies
All age groups are based on the age of the competitor on December 31, 2018.
COACHES & OFFICIALS: Coaches, judges and officials who are Professional Members will be issued credentials. (No Pending Pro memberships – all aspects of the Pro membership must be complete.)

Only 2 coaches per team will be issued credentials. Teams with more than 10 athletes can request additional credentials, and these must be approved by the Program Director.
ADMISSIONS: Ticket information will be published at a later date.
AWARDS: Overall awards 1st-6th place. Flight awards will be given.
COMPETITION EQUIPMENT: 4 Eurotramp Ultimate Trampolines
2 Eurotramp Ultimate Double Mini Trampoline 6x6
2 Acrosport Rod Tumbling Floors
TRAINING GROUPS: Training groups will be available after registration deadline. Training is closed to the public.
HOTEL: For hotel reservations, please contact National Travel Systems at 888.603.8747 or visit their web site at www.ntssportstravel.com.
APPAREL: The dress code found in the JO Code of Points must be followed at all times.

Athletes and coaches may not wear National team apparel, including anything with the USA flag or logo at any time during training or competition. USA attire may not be worn even if covering logo and flag. USA backpacks or duffle bags are also not allowed.