2016 Elite Challenge
May 5-8, 2016 - Colorado Springs, Colo.
VENUE: U.S. Olympic Training Center
1750 East Boulder Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
HOST: USA Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling
CONTACT: For questions contact:
Amy McDonald, T&T Program Manager - amcdonald@usagym.org
Natalie Joachim, T&T Program Coordinator - njoachim@usagym.org
BLOCK SCHEDULE: Click here for the block schedule (revised 4/13/16)
TRAINING GROUPS: Click here for the training groups
START LIST: Click here for the startlist (updated 5/4/16)
TEAM SHEETS: Click here for the team sheets (updated 5/4/16)
ADMISSIONS: CASH OR CHECK ONLY! Adults: $25 and children (7 and under) $10. Flat fee, there will be no day passes.
ELIGIBLE COMPETITORS: Currently-registered USA Gymnastics T&T Level 10 and Elite Athletes
ENTRY FEES AND REFUNDS: Divisions: Level 10, Youth, Junior, Open, Senior
$125 Flat Fee per Athlete (1 event or all). No fee for coaches.
Entry fees must be paid with a credit card on USA Gymnastics registration system.
Full refund request deadline is April 4, 2016. Any refund requests after April 4th will be subject to approval by the Program Director and must complete documentation. Refund form.
ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS: Deadline: March 11, 2016
Submit online payment no later than March 11th. Click here for registration instructions.
LATE ENTRY: Late entries are subject to approval by the Program Director and the entry fee will be doubled.
INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT ENTRIES: Corrections to entries after the March 11th entry deadline will cost $25 per correction. Please use the Corrections to Entries Form. Corrections made before March 11th must be emailed to njoachim@usagym.org.
Scratches should use Scratch Entry Form.
JUDGES: Judges request for assignment due March 11th. Judges Request for Assignment
RULES: Rules from the current FIG Elite Code of Points with the USA T&T Special Requirements and JO Code of Points will be used.
USA Gymnastics Elite Code of Points
Click here to order the JO Code of Points and Routines.

Time of Flight will be used for all divisions at the 2016 Elite Challenge.
All age groups are based on the age of the competitor on December 31, 2016.

  • Coaches, judges and officials who are Professional Members will be issued credentials. (No Pending Pro memberships – all aspects of the Pro membership must be complete.)
  • Only 2 coaches per team will be issued credentials. Requests for additional coaches’ credentials must be approved by the Program Director. Teams with more than ten athletes need not apply.
AWARDS: Awards will be given to the top three competitors in each division.
TRAMPOLINE SPOTTERS: Spotters are required at each corner of the trampoline. Each team with athletes entered in trampoline is responsible to provide at least one age and size appropriate spotter for at least one session of the competition. Teams will be assigned a session in which they have an athlete competing. The Floor Manager will monitor participation. We encourage USA Gymnastics PRO members outside the T&T community to spot as well.
  • Eurotramp Ultimate Trampolines
  • Eurotramp Ultimate Double Mini Trampoline
  • Rod Tumbling Floor – Acrosport
COMPETITION CARDS: Competition cards will be due at the end of each training session on Thursday. Competition cards will be considered late if received later than the assigned training session end time.
TRAINING GROUPS: Training groups will be available after registration deadline.
HOTELS: For hotel reservations, please contact National Travel Systems at 888.603.8747 or visit their web site at www.ntssportstravel.com.