10th Annual USA Gymnastics T&T Scholarship Camp
July 21-July 27, 2013 - Three Rivers, Mich.

Dates: Athlete Drop Off: Sunday, July 21st, 2013
Athlete Pick Up: Saturday, July 27th, 2013
USA Gymnastics CREW/Clinician/Staff Reports July 19th & 20th, 2013
Equipment Set Up Saturday, July 20th, 2013
Camp payment accepted via USA Gymnastics website 1/4/13
Open Registration for all Campers: Wednesday,1/23/13: 12 Noon! EST (SEE INSTRUCTIONS)
Deadline for Final Payment: 6/1/13
  1. Athlete Registration Form
  2. Coach Registration Form
  3. Airport Transfer Reservation/Payment Form
Camp Wakeshma Forms
  1. Health History Forms
  2. Camper Confidential
  3. Camper Release Form
  4. Camper Release Form - Airport Transfer Campers
The Athlete Registration Process is all new this year. Please read "Registration of Athletes" Below.

Coach Registration Form to be returned to usagtntcamp@gmail.com or faxed to 269-244-1272. Coach Payment is done online.

Camp Tuition Fee Schedule: -Full Payment Option-
  • Returning Camper/Sibling Camper (Full payment required with registration) - 525.00
  • New Camper (Full payment required with registration) - 560.00
-Deposit/two payment Option-
  • Returning Camper/Sibling Camper - 560.00
  • New Camper - 595.00
(200.00 MUST be paid with registration - balance of payment is due 6/1/2013)
All initial payments of deposit or payment in full must be made with credit card on line with USA Gymnastics.
Please… no serial partial payments
Only 2 payments are permitted: 1) Deposit (with registration) 2) Balance of Payment (before 6/1/13)
Registration of Athletes In the attached document you will the details of signing your athlete up for the 2103 USA Gymnastics Scholarship Camp. Here are the 4 simple steps that must be done to get your athlete enrolled this year. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS!!
  1. Payment - Click here for payment instructions
    Carefully read "Fee Schedule" above and select which is appropriate for your athlete.
    Online payment at USA Gymnastics website will be open 1/4/13. Go on line and follow those instructions. You will receive confirmation of payment. SAVE CONFIRMATION TO YOUR COMPUTER. YOU WILL NEED THIS ON REGISTRATION DAY TO REGISTER YOUR ATHLETE! PAYMENT ALONE DOES NOT REGISTER YOUR ATHLETE!!!

  2. Download Registration and Signature Page.
    Both pages of this completed form must need to be sent in as an attachment to the forwarded payment confirmation when registration opens 1/23/13. See "Detailed Explanation."

  3. Download Health History Form, Camper Confidential and Camper Release Form.
    All three completed forms must be sent in as an attachment to the forwarded payment confirmation when registration opens 1/23/13. See "Detailed Explanation."

  4. Be ready to go on the January 23rd 12 noon EST open registration kick-off.
    After the 12 noon start of registration, forward your payment confirmation from USA Gymnastics (#1 above) to: usagtntcamp@gmail.com. Attach to this the completed registration form (both pages) and the completed Camp Wakeshma forms (#2 & #3 above.) See "Detailed Explanation."

Photos: Browse through galleries from past camps:
Contact Information: Dr. George R. Drew
USAG T&T National Coaching Staff
Chair, Athlete Scholarship Committee
Director, 2012 T&T Scholarship Camp
Camp Wakeshma, Three Rivers, MI

Rev. Beth L. Drew, RN
Assistant Scholarship Camp Director

George and Beth Drew
58837 Camp Wakeshma Rd.
Three Rivers, MI 49093

616-481-6756 (cell) (George)
269-244-0467 (cell) (Beth)
269-244-1272 (camp fax)

Primary Camp Contact Email: usagtntcamp@gmail.com

Directors emails
GDrew17@gmail.com (George Drew)
BethDrew7@gmail.com (Beth Drew)

Camp Wakeshma Website: www.campwakeshma.com