2012 Stars & Stripes Cup
May 10-13, 2012 - Cleveland, Ohio

132 East Washington Street
Suite 700
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone: 317-237-5050
Fax: 317-237-5069
LOCATION Cleveland, Ohio
COMPETITION VENUE Cleveland Public Auditorium
500 Lakeside Avenue East
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 348-2200
DATE May 11th - 13th, 2012
DEADLINES Deadline for FINAL ENTRY and PAYMENTS: Deadline for entries is April 2nd (Must be in the USA Gymnastics National Office on or before April 2nd, 2012.)
Late entries are subject to approval by the Program Director and will be doubled.
REGISTRATION Registration Fee (All levels) Level 8 - Elite & ODP Trial
First event -- $95.00
Each additional event -- $10.00
Deadline: April 2nd, 2012


All clubs must send in their registration and payment information by the deadline. This information can be sent to: Mary Obaka
Email - mobaka@usagym.org - Fax - 317-237-5069
NOTE: Wire information is available upon request. Please contact Mary Obaka at mobaka@usagym.org or 317-829-5638 for account information.

INVITED MEMBERS Currently-registered USA Gymnastics T&T athletes level 8 - Elite, plus ODP trial athletes.
  • Eurotramp Trampolines with Eurotramp 4 x 4 Beds and Springs
  • Eurotramp Double-Mini Trampoline
  • Ross Athletic Supply Rod Tumbling Track
RULES Rules from the current Elite and JO Code of Points and Routines, plus USA Gymnastics T&T exceptions will be used. Click here to view the Elite Code of Points
Click here to order the J.O. Code of Points and Routines

Time of Flight will be used for all Individual and Synchronized Trampoline Elite Divisions and Individual Trampoline ODP Division at the 2012 Stars & Stripes Cup.

ELIGIBILITY Currently-registered USA Gymnastics T&T athletes level 8 - Elite and ODP Eligible
TRAINING Click here for the training sessions
TEAM SHEETS The gyms should check over their Team Sheets. Corrected Start lists will NOT be posted online. Please refer to the block schedule for any athletes changing flights. If you have corrections or questions, please contact Mary Obaka at mobaka@usagym.org
SCHEDULE Due to the large number of Level 10 & ODP entries following the entry deadline, the final schedule has changed
Click here for a PDF of the complete schedule

Thursday May 10th
ODP Training session
Elite Training Session

Friday May 11th
Levels 8-10 Assigned Training Sessions
Jr. and Sr. Elite Sync Prelim and Finals
Jr. and Sr. Elite Preliminaries

Saturday May 12th
Levels 8-10
Jr. and Sr. Finals

Sunday May 13th
Levels 9 Finals (divisions with 10 or more competitors)
Level-10 Finals (all athletes)
Levels 9-10 Sync Prelim & Finals
Level 8 Tumbling & Double Mini

AWARDS Awards will ONLY be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in all levels.
CHANGES TO ENTRIES Corrections to entries after the April 2nd entry deadline will cost $10 per correction. Please use the Corrections to Entries form. Corrections made before April 2nd may be faxed to the Program Office at 317-237-5069.
JUDGES REQUEST Click here for the Judges Request for Assignment
COMPETITION CARDS Stars & Stripes Cup Elite Competition Cards Stars & Stripes Cup J.O. Competition Cards ODP Competition Cards
  1. An Appeal can only be filed by a coach or competitor. Spectators are not allowed to participate in the appeal process. A difficulty inquiry can be made at the judge's table using the appropriate form. (See Rules & Policies for inquiry form.)
  2. The written appeal, with the appropriate appeal fee must be submitted to the Meet Referee prior to the start of the next round. The next round is the actual competition, not the warm-up or the next flight. In the case of an appeal concerning the final pass, the appeal must be submitted immediately after the end of the round. In any case, no appeals will be accepted after the medals have been awarded.
  3. Appeals concerning the execution of scores can only be made with respect to numerical error.
  4. Appeals must be dealt with by the jury of Appeal prior to the start of the next round and their decision must be announced immediately.
  5. Video - The organizing committee is required to have an official video for the Jury of Appeal to review.
  6. The Jury of Appeal may not watch the video individually. They must assemble in the designated location in order to view the video together. The video will be watched at real time and a straw poll will be taken, after which discussion may be held. If necessary the jury may re-watch the video and a straw poll will be taken after each viewing.
  7. Coaches are not allowed to speak to the Jury of Appeal. All information must be in writing on the appeal form.
  8. The decision of the Jury of Appeal is final.
ADMISSION Adults - $10
Children ages 8 and under - Free
STAGING Coaches and judges, as well as athletes, are required to enter and exit the competition floor through staging. Coaches and judges who are caught going through the wrong area and cutting across the floor are subject to having their credential removed. Yes, going all the way down the floor to staging is a pain, but to allow uncontrolled access to the competition floor is a safety hazard and is unprofessional. Coaches are cautioned to make sure that athletes obey this rule.
HOSPITALITY There is no meal plan for the 2012 Stars and Stripes Cup. Clubs are responsible for room and board for their athletes and coaches. A hospitality area for judges will be provided.
EVENT MERCHANDISE Northwest Designs will be providing 2012 Stars and Stripes Cup specific merchandise
TRAVEL & ACCOMODATIONS All travel and accommodation will be the competitors' responsibility.
For assistant please contact National Travel Systems - Hilton Properties at 888-603-8747 or www.ntssportstravel.com


Embassy Suites- Stars and Stripes

Hilton Garden Inn- Stars and Stripes 1100 CARNEGIE AVE CLEVELAND, OH 44115

QUESTIONS Susan Jacobson

Mary Obaka