2012 U.S. Elite Championships
July 4-7, 2012 - Long Beach, Calif.

TRAINING GROUPS: Click here for the training groups
START LIST: Click here for the start list
DATE: July 4-7, 2012
TICKETS: Click here to purchase tickets.
VENUE: Long Beach Arena
300 E. Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90802
CONTACT: For questions concerning the U.S. Elite Championships, contact:
Mary Obaka
Phone - (317) 829-5638
E-Mail - mobaka@usagym.org
PURPOSE: The U.S. Elite Championships:
  1. Names national champions for Senior Elite athletes in tumbling and double mini-trampoline, and Junior Elite athletes for trampoline, tumbling, double mini-trampoline, and synchronized trampoline.
  2. Provides an opportunity for Jr./Sr. Elite athletes to earn points toward the Jr. or Sr. National Team.
ELIGIBLE COMPETITORS: Currently-registered USA Gymnastics T&T athletes who are Jr. /Sr. Elite. In order to compete at the Jr. or Sr. Elite level, an athlete must meet mobility requirements, qualification and eligibility requirements and receive approval from the Elite Program Committee Chair.

Foreign Competitors:
Resident and non-resident foreign competitors are not allowed at U.S. Elite Championships.

FUNDS: Entry fees may be paid with a credit card or by check or money order. No cash, please.
PAYABLE TO: USA Gymnastics
ENTRY FEES: First event - $125
Each additional event - $20
Entry fees may be paid by credit card using the authorization form from the entry web site or by check. One check for all entries from a team, please.
No refunds will be given.
ENTRIES: Registration is now CLOSED
ODP ENTRIES: ODP Registration Form
ODP Payment Form
ENTRY DEADLINE: Deadline for entries is May 21 (Must be in the USA Gymnastics National Office on or before May 21.)
Late entries are subject to approval by the Program Director and will be doubled.
INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT ENTRIES: Corrections to entries after the May 21 entry deadline will cost $25 per correction. Please use the Corrections to Entries form. Corrections made before May 21 may be faxed to the Program Office at 317-237-5069. Any corrections after May 21 must be submitted in the Competition Office at the Long Beach Arena.
SCHEDULE: Click here for the complete schedule.
RULES: Rules from the current FIG Code of Points, plus USA Gymnastics T&T exceptions will be used.
AWARDS: All Levels: 1st - 3rd Place Medals
Awards will be presented following finals.
COMPETITION EQUIPMENT: 4 Eurotramp trampolines with Eurotramp 4x4 beds and springs
2 Eurotramp Double Mini-Trampolines
2 Ross Athletic Supply rod tumbling tracks

Equipment managed and additional equipment supplied by Ross Athletic Supply. Some equipment is for sale. If interested, call 888-600-7677.

COACHES & OFFICIALS: Coaches, judges and officials who are currently-registered Professional Members will be issued credentials. Pending Pro members are not considered currently registered.
  • Coaches must be Level 1 or above and must register on the official Entry Form. Only 2 coaches per team will be issued credentials. No charge for coach's registration.
  • Judges must have a rating as designated by the Technical Committee. See Judge's Request for Assignment
HOTELS: For hotel reservations, please contact National Travel Systems at 888.603.8747 or visit their web site at www.ntssportstravel.com.