2011 Trampoline & Tumbling Junior Olympic National Championships
July 10-15, 2011 - San Antonio, Texas

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ATTENTION CLUBS! Click here for a list of clubs with participating athletes. If the number is incorrect next to your club, please contact Mary Obaka at mobaka@usagym.org.

DATE: July 10 -July 15, 2011
PURPOSE: J.O. Championships will name National Champions at Levels 5-10 in age groups for all disciplines.
VENUE: Freeman Coliseum
3201 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX 78219
HOST: USA Gymnastics
CONTACT: Mary Obaka - mobaka@usagym.org or 317-829-5638
ENTRY DEADLINE: June 6, 2011
SCHEDULE: Click here for the FINAL schedule
Levels 8-10
ENTRIES: Online entry system - You will need to create a new username and password in order to use the online entry system. Contact Mary Obaka with questions. Entries after the deadline are subject to the approval of the Program Director and, if approved, entry fees will be doubled. Any late entry must be accompanied by verification from the State Chair that the athlete is qualified.
ENTRY FEES: First event - $125
Each additional event - $20

Entry fees may be paid by credit card using the authorization form from the entry web site or by check. One check for all entries from a team, please.

INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT ENTRIES: Corrections after the entry deadline will cost $25 per correction (up to a maximum of $200), since the schedule, training schedule, start lists, athlete passes, certificates and program will be in progress. Click here for the correction form. Corrections may be faxed to the Program Office (317-237-5069) until June 6. After June 6, all forms must be submitted in the Competition Office at the venue.
HOTELS: For hotel reservations, please contact National Travel Systems at 888.603.8747 or visit their web site at www.ntssportstravel.com.
RULES: USAG T&T Rules (including warm-up rules) will be used. Finals for Levels 9&10 only. All age groups are based on the age of the competitor on December 31, 2011.
  • All athletes meeting National Championship qualifying scores and eligibility requirements at USAG T&T sanctioned competitions may enter the J.O. Championships.
  • All entries are subject to verification by the State Chair.
  • All competitors must enter the National Championships at the same level at which the qualifying score was reached. If the athlete competes at a higher level after the qualifying score is reached, he/she may not move back to the previous level to compete at National Championships. See the Rules & Policies and J.O. Code of Points for complete information and click here for qualifying scores.
  • Petitions - Only athletes who were Level 10 last year and finished in the top three or in the top fifty percent at the 2010 J.O. Championships are eligible to petition. Click here for complete petition requirements. (Sec. V. part D)
Regional All-Stars
    Each Level 10 regional champion is eligible to represent his/her region at the Regional All-Star competition. (Note: In order to allow the regions to have full teams, if a region has no Level 10 athletes in an age group, the Level 9 regional champion may be substituted. NOTE: The rules for Regional All-Stars have changed! See complete Regional All-Stars rules on the T&T page of the USA Gymnastics web site under Rules & Policies, Competition Guidelines.
Foreign Competitors:
    J.O. Championships - Non-resident foreign competitors are not allowed at J.O. Championships. Resident foreign athletes who are members of USA Gymnastics and have met all qualification requirements may compete at J.O. Championships.
  • Coaches, judges and officials who are Professional Members will be issued credentials. (No Pending Pro memberships - all aspects of the Pro membership must be complete.)
  • Coaches must have completed the T&T Level 1 Coaches' Course and must be registered online with J.O. Championships entries.
  • Only 2 coaches per team will be issued credentials. Requests for additional coaches' credentials must be approved by the Program Director. Teams with fewer than ten athletes need not apply.
  • Judges must have a rating as designated by the Technical Committee and submit the Judge's Request for Assignment.
  • Participation certificates
  • Flight ribbons
  • Overall 1st - 8th place
    • Participation certificates are placed in the team packets and are given to the coach at registration for distribution to the team.
    • Flight awards are presented by the Superior Judge immediately following each flight.
    • Overall awards will be presented to 1st-8th place in each age group and level.
    • Overall awards for each session will be given immediately following the session. Level 10 awards will be presented after finals.
    • If the session is running early, awards will be given early.
    • Athletes who place in the top eight overall should be in the staging area immediately following the session.
    • In order to have professional awards pictures, all athletes are required to wear competition attire for all awards ceremonies:
      • Girls - leo, bare feet or tramp shoes
      • Boys - step-in, competition shorts or pants, bare feet or tramp shoes
      • No warm-ups or street clothes allowed.
  • Grand Champion Team - Trophy to each member of the overall champion region.
  • 1st Place Team per event - Plaques to each member of the team, per gender.
    • All awards for Regional All-Stars will be presented immediately following competition.
    • All competitors are asked to remain on the competition floor until all awards are given and pictures have been taken.
    • Regional All-Stars are required to wear the warm-up or leo provided by GK/Elite Sportswear for competition and awards photos.
PROGRAM ADS: Clubs are allowed to sell advertising for the souvenir program at J.O. Championships and keep half the money. Click here to see how.
VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers (affectionately known as T&T Angels) are needed in many areas at J.O. Championships, including awards, staging, computer data entry, score posting, competition office and trampoline spotters. See more on trampoline spotters below. Click here for job descriptions.

Interested parties should contact Mary Obaka at mobaka@usagym.org with the following information:

    Team affiliation
    Phone number
    E-mail address
    Sessions available
    First job choice
    Second job choice
    T-Shirt size: Adult (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

TRAMPOLINE SPOTTERS: Spotters are required at each corner of the trampoline. Each team with athletes entered in trampoline is responsible to provide at least one age and size appropriate spotter for at least one session of the competition. Teams will be assigned a session in which they have an athlete competing. The Volunteer Coordinator will monitor participation and spotters will report to Volunteer Check-In near the awards stage 30 minutes prior to the session. Any additional spotters who would like to help will be welcome and appreciated. Spotters will be required to participate in a short training session prior to spotting.

Dress Code for Spotters:

  • Volunteer t-shirt (provided at check-in)
  • Gym shoes
  • No hats
  • No jewelry, purses or bags. (Belongings should be left with a responsible person as there is no secure place in the competition or staging area.)

COACHES' AND JUDGES' COURSES: Judges' and coaches' courses held in conjunction with J.O. Championships are:
**NOTE: Dates and times subject to change
VENDORS: Trampoline & Tumbling offers an opportunity for a limited number of vendors at the 2011 J.O. Championships. Vendor booths will be inside Halls, near spectator seating. USA Gymnastics has an exclusive contract with GK/Elite Sportswear for all warm-ups, leotards and other competitive wear, and with Northwest Designs for event-related and USA Gymnastics logo merchandise, shorts, flannel pants, animals and medal-engraving.

If you are interested in being a vendor for items other than those listed above, you may apply using the Vendor Contract.

COMPETITION EQUIPMENT: 4 Eurotramp trampolines with Eurotramp 4x4 beds and springs
2 Eurotramp Double Mini-Trampolines
2 Ross Athletic Supply rod tumbling tracks

Equipment managed and additional equipment supplied by Ross Athletic Supply. Some equipment is for sale. If interested, call 888-600-7677.

GOLF OUTING: The golf outing has been cancelled due to participation minimums not met.
SIX FLAGS: Looking for something fun and exciting to do with the whole family while in San Antonio, Texas?
Purchase your Six Flags Fiesta tickets at the Registration Desk.
Admission Ticket Price: $31.99