7th Annual USAG T&T Scholarship Camp
August 1-7, 2010 - Three Rivers, Mich.

Dates: Athlete Drop Off: August 1, 2010
Athlete Pick Up: August 7, 2010
Counselor/Staff Report 7/30, 7/31 2010
Equipment Set Up 7/31/09
Early Registration for previous Campers: 12 Noon: 1/4/10
Open Registration for all Campers: 12 Noon: 1/6/10
Deadline for Final Payment: 6/1/10
Fee Structure:
  • USAG Returning Camper - $490 ($150 deposit required with registration form, payment in full required by 6/1/10)
  • USAG New Camper - $515 ($150 deposit required with registration form, payment in full required by 6/1/10)
  • USAG Returning Camper (full payment discount) - $460 (Full payment, less $30, required with registration form)
  • USAG New Camper (full payment discount) - $485 (Full payment, less $30, required with registration form)
  • USAG Sibling Camper (each additional child from same family) - $445 ($150 deposit required with registration form, payment in full required by 6/1/10)
  • USAG Registered Coach (includes lunches) - $200 ($100 deposit required with this form, payment in full required by 6/1/10)
  1. Be ready to go on the January 6th open registration kick-off. Open registration begins 12 noon EST 1/6/10. This is a change from previous years. There was much confusion regarding the 12 Midnight so we have changed it 12 noon Eastern Standard Time 1/6/10. Registration will be filled first come, first served The postmark date, email date/time and fax time/date stamp will sort out registration and waiting list rank. Important note because camp cabins are obviously gender specific, male and female slots fill at different rates. Female spots always fill first. The camp fills by cabin availability and I suspect girl spots will be full within the first day and the entire camp will be full with a waiting list within a couple of days. This is NOT meant to be marketing by hysteria. No, I do not think we are a Hanna Montana concert (is that still a current analogy???), but I do want to give parents that are intending to do this an accurate idea of the increased demand and limited camp spots that have translated into surprised and disappointed athletes and parents in the past. Here it comes due to the heavy demand all applications MUST have the $150 deposit included.

  2. To register, download the registration form and credit card payment sheet. Fill them out and have them ready to fax when open registration starts. I would prefer that they be scanned and emailed back after registration opens up. You may also fax the forms, but each year some arrive having been loaded upside down and come into my office blank. I then have no idea where these came from and the registering parents have no idea I did not get them. Also, many times faxes are very poorly transmitted and are almost not readable. IF YOU DO FAX YOUR REGISTRATION, IMMEDIATELY SEND AN EMAIL TO CONFIRM THE SENT FAX!!!

  3. All registration and payment goes to Dr. George Drew at the address and email below. We then send the credit card forms along to USAG for processing and we pay the Camp Wakeshma fees directly for all campers at one time. DO NOT!!! DO NOT!!! DO NOT SEND REGISTRATION OR PAYMENT TO THE INDIANA OR TEXAS OFFICES OF USAG.

  4. DO NOT!!! DO NOT!!! DO NOT SEND PAYMENT OR REGISTRATION TO CAMP WAKESHMA. Fill out the credit card form and registration and email it or fax it to Dr. Drew at the email address or fax number listed below. Yes, you may snail mail it along with a personal check for registration, but your place in line will be by date received. Too early and it is returned to you and too late will land you on the waiting list. We have never had an athlete registered the first week that didn't make it into camp either by registration or by movement in from the waiting list.

  5. After processing your registration and crediting the payment, credit card numbers will be sent onto USAG by the Scholarship Camp staff. This will improve keeping all information together and speeding up credit card processing for the athlete's accounts.

  6. All medical forms will be taken care of in future mailings. This process has been cleaned up and each camper will have all enrollment & registration information completed prior to start of camp session.

  7. If you visit www.campwakeshma.com you can get an overview of the camp facility itself. DO NOT use their proprietary registration form. Please use the USAG T&T Scholarship Camp form. From this form all information is given to the camp by our office. Essentially, we are a family of 132 campers that are registered with the camp in one single packet that comes from the USAG Scholarship Camp staff.

Only after a completed enrollment form and payment of deposit/full payment has been received does your athlete have a guaranteed spot in this year's camp.

Payment: By Credit Card (please see Forms section to download credit card form)
By Check Make all checks payable to: USAG T&T Scholarship Camp
Contact Information: Dr. George R. Drew
USAG Trampoline & Tumbling
Chair, Athlete Scholarship Committee
Director, 2010 Scholarship Camp and Clinic
Camp Wakeshma, Three Rivers, MI
Rev. Beth L. Drew, RN
Assistant Camp Director, USAG T&T Scholarship Camp

George and Beth Drew
58837 Camp Wakeshma Rd.
Three Rivers, MI 49093
616-481-6756 (George Cell)
269-816-8230 (Beth Cell)
269-244-1272 (fax)
George email: GDrew17@verizon.net
Beth email: BethDrew7@Gmail.com