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Rhythmic Youth Elite Squad
The purpose of developmental training camps is to provide elite training opportunities and professional development for coaches to build a strong, healthy foundation for athletes’ long-term development. Note that all qualifications below are subject to the athlete holding USA citizenship at the time of qualification. The 2021 Qualification and Camps are TBD.


National Elite Squad:
Level 9/10 combined: (those who remain Juniors for the next year): Top 20 combined result of the National Qualifier and USA Gymnastics Championships*

Elite Squad: based on the results of the Junior Olympic Championships
Level 7: (older*): Top 10
Level 8: Top 22

Squad: based on the results of the Junior Olympic Championships
Level 7: (younger*): Top 12
Level 6: Top 18

Future Stars: by testing at the Open and Junior Olympic Championships

*2019 National Team members will participate in National Team Camps, not Developmental
*The top 22 Level 7s, regardless of age, will then be divided by age into the above noted groupings for Elite and Squad camps

All camps are developed to provide athletes with a positive, inspirational, focused learning environment and the coaches with professional feedback and stimulation in a collaborative setting.

July 25-29: Future Stars
TECHNIQUE: the primary focus of this camp will be body and apparatus technique, with an emphasis on team-building

September 22-26: Elite Squad
September 26-30: Squad

TECHNIQUE: the primary focus of this camp will be body and apparatus technique: ballet, body technique, apparatus handling and technique, strength and conditioning, and mental skill development
*The first practice of each camp will include a strength and conditioning testing with score evaluation and medals awarded

November 7-11: National Team High Performance Training Camp: Individual and SR Group
November 11-15: Elite High Performance Training Camp: FIG JR Group National Champions; Elite Qualifiers (non-NT) to USA Gym Champs; all L10 Junior competitors from USA Gym Champs

SPORTS PERFORMANCE AND WELLNESS: This is a new initiative designed to further improve the health and performance of our athletes in an era of continual progression at all levels of the Rhythmic Program. The primary focus of this camp is ballet technique, jazz and modern dance, mental skill training, recovery techniques, with a specific focus on sleep and nutrition, cross training, sports performance programming, and injury prevention. There will also be some time for traditional, independent training. Camp goals include:
  • Instruction on dance technique and how this should be incorporated as an injury prevention activity and sports performance activity
  • Opportunities to try different types of dance and movement patterns that may have relevance for routines and the artistic component
  • Education on overall health related to time management, nutrition, sleep patterns, and coping techniques
  • Incorporation of mental training to improve performance
  • Instruction on how to implement cross training into the yearly schedule to help decrease injury rates and improve performance
  • Athlete screenings for imbalances that may lead to injury or impair performance with developed individualized programs for each athlete
November 15-19: Open Camp
OPEN: This camp provides an open opportunity for gymnasts and coaches to participate in a technique-based training camp at an Olympic Training Center with National staff

December 2-6: Junior National Team
December 5-9: National Elite


January 2020: Senior National Team

Recommended reading for coaches and parents: Talent is Never Enough by John C. Maxwell