Judging Rhythmic Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics, through the USA Gymnastics Technical Chairman and committee, establishes the judging certification standards, policies and procedures for all judges in the USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Program. A judge must have a current professional and safety certification in order to be eligible to judge at sanctioned events. More information regarding Rhythmic Judging Policies and Procedures can be found in section 17 of the Rhythmic Rules and Policies. All judges are also expected to adhere to the Code of Ethics which can be found in section 2 of the Rhythmic Rules and Policies.

Level 3-6 Difficulty and Artistry Identification
The two playlists below include video examples to aid new judges in identifying body difficulty and artistry requirements in level 3-6 routines. Each routine is played first in full speed, then replayed indicating various elements of the routine.

The difficulty playlist includes a progression, starting first with slow motion replays and titles, then moving to full speed replays with symbols, and finally providing full speed replays with symbols and values. These routines are a resource to help brand new judges prepare for the more complicated practice routines that will be included with the Junior Olympic Judging Course.