Judges Certification for the 2017-2018 Season
The below information outlines the judging courses that will be offered for the 2017-2018 season and the continuing education/verification requirements for current judges.

Due to significant changes to the Level 3-6 program, all current judges certified for Level 3-6 will be required to pass an online, multiple choice, verification prior to judging any competitions for the 2017-2018 season.

Additionally, we will offer the opportunity for new prospective judges to test/retest for the Junior Olympic levels 3-6, 7/8, and Group. For additional judges’ information and regulations, please see the Rhythmic Rules and Policies (R&P), Chapter 4.

For new judges, please review the “How to Become a Judge” booklet for additional information.

Junior Olympic Levels 3-6, 7/8, and Group
Important Dates
  • November 6, 2017 – REGISTRATION DEADLINE
    • JO Online Updates Course registration deadline
    • JO Live Exam registration deadline for new/upgrading judges
    • L3-6 Online Verification registration deadline for current judges certified in L3-6
  • November 11, 2017 – JO Online Updates Course – 11:30am EST
  • November 13-19, 2017 – JO Online verification available for current Level 3-6 judges
  • Sunday, November 19th, 2017 – JO Live Exams for new Level 3-6 and new/upgrading 7/8 judges
Which courses/exams do I need to take?
Review the statement(s) that are true for you below to find out which registrations you should complete.
  • I am a current level 3-6 judge certified in D/E, A, or both
    • You must register for:
      • The JO Online Updates Course
      • The Level 3-6 Online Verification
      • Note: after passing this online verification, you will be certified for all parts of the score in L3-6 and Beginner group.
  • I am a current level 7/8 judge
    • You must register for:
      • The JO Online Updates Course as a continuing education requirement
    • You do not need to take any exams to retain your level 7/8 ranking.
    • If you have a level 3-6 rating, please see above for the requirements.
  • I am a current level 7/8 judge, but not currently certified in all components of the score. I would like to retest for Difficulty, Execution, and/or Int/Adv Group.
    • You must register for:
      • The JO online updates course
      • The Live JO Exam in Indianapolis or Los Angeles
      • If you have a level 3-6 rating also, please see above for the requirements.
  • I am not currently certified as a Junior Olympic Judge and would like to become a level 3-6 and/or Level 7/8 judge.
    • You must register for:
      • The JO Online Updates course
      • The live JO Exam in Indianapolis or Los Angeles
      • Note: please verify your eligibility if registering for the L7/8 exam
  • I am a National or Brevet Judge with a JO rating
    • You are still required to fulfil the above requirements for your JO level(s) of certification. Please see above for details.
Junior Olympic Judges/Coaches Updates Presentation will be held online via webinar on November 11. Registration for the online updates presentation is required for all current and prospective judges. Pre-registration and a $25 participation fee will be required to join the online courses. Click here for online registration.

Prospective judges registered for the live exams in Los Angeles/Indianapolis will be given access to view the full JO course from last Fall following the registration deadline. It is recommended that this be viewed prior to the JO online updates course on November 11.

Exam Locations
Verification for all current judges certified for Level 3-6 will be conducted online. The verification will be available from November 13-19, 2017.

Live judging exams for Junior Olympic Levels 3-6 and 7/8 will be held on Sunday, November 19th in two locations. All prospective new or upgrading JO judges must take part in a written and practical exam at one of these locations.

Reminder: Current level 7/8 & Int/Adv group judges are not required to take any exams, unless they desire to gain certification in an additional component of the score.

Live Exam Date: Sunday, November 19th
Testing Locations: Los Angeles, CA and Indianapolis, IN
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm PST/EST
Test fee: $50 Level 3-6, $50 Level 7/8

Exam Registration
There will be two parts to the exam registration: online registration/payment and submission of a completed judges log.

Please carefully read the additional registration information below.
  1. Online Registration and Payment – Deadline Monday, November 6th, 2017 at 11:59pm EST
    1. Click here for online registration.
    2. There will be separate registrations for each testing location. Be sure to register for the correct exam(s)!
        Note: for current judges, your eligibility for participation in the exam is also dependent on submission of a completed judges log by the deadline.
  2. Submission of Judges Log
    1. The 2017 deadline for submission of judging logs has been changed to Monday, November 6th for all current judges taking an exam. This will allow USA Gymnastics to ensure that registrants meet eligibility requirements.
    2. A completed judges log with information from the current cycle must be submitted to ALL 3 OF THE INDIVIDUALS LISTED BELOW by 11/6/2017:
      1. Rhythmic Program Coordinator (Jayme Vincent) – jvincent@usagym.org
      2. National Judges Representative (Stefanie Korepin) – skorepin@heca.com
      3. Your appropriate Regional Judging Coordinator
    3. Judges Log
The examination and grading procedures for the JO exams have been organized to ensure fair and transparent evaluation.

The Level 3-6 online verification will be automatically graded by the online software.

Upon arrival for a live exam, each participant will be assigned a number by the test administrator. All test administrators are neutral and unaffiliated. Examinees will write only their assigned number (no names) on all test materials. Test administrators will send the list of participants with their numbers to the National Judges Representative. All exam materials will be sent directly to the USA Gymnastics office for grading. Once grading has been completed, the list of results by participant number will be sent to the National Judges Representative who will match them up with corresponding names and distribute results. This procedure creates a system of checks and balances throughout the examination and grading process, providing examinees with anonymity and confidentiality.

Exam Details
The Level 3-6 online verification for current judges will be an open-book test. The questions will all involve video examples. A large bank of test questions has been prepared. Each participant will receive a set number of questions that the online system selects randomly from each category. Note: The video examples are included as unlisted YouTube videos. As long as you are able to watch YouTube videos, you should have no trouble viewing the videos for the exam.

The written exam for the live exams will be closed-book tests. Be sure to study and know the material ahead of time.

Beginner Group material will be included with the Level 3-6 exams (both the online verification and live exams). Intermediate and Advanced Group material will be included with the Level 7/8 live exam.

Tips For Success
  • Study, study, study! The online updates courses are a great learning tool, however, they do not take the place of proper studying. Be sure to read and understand the JO Handbook prior to the online updates course.
  • Practice judging. In preparation for the practical portion of the exam, be sure to practice judging on videos.
See the eligibility information below (from the Rhythmic R&P) to determine which exams you are eligible to take.

Judge Rating - Eligibility Requirements
  • Level 3-6 - Must be 16 years of age
  • Level 7-8 - Must be 16 years of age, and
    • Be an active Level 3-6 Judge who has judged a minimum of 1 Invitational Meet and 1 State Meet, or
    • Be a coach of a gymnast who competed at the JO Championships (Individual) during the previous or current cycle, or
    • Have a current Level 7-8 rating
Note: It is not required to be a USA Gymnastics Professional Member before taking the course/exams. After passing the exam(s), a judge must become USA Gymnastics Professional Member before they are added to the official judges list and assigned to competitions.

Judges testing into Level 3-6 or 7/8 for the first time will have a Provisional rating. They must complete a practical judging experience within their first year of certification. Additional details regarding provisional ratings and practical judging experiences can be found in Chapter 4, Section 1 of the Rhythmic R&P.