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2023 Rhythmic Challenge & Invitational
Feb. 17-19 - Lake Placid, N.Y.
Eligible Gymnasts
2023 Rhythmic Challenge Eligible Participants (Group & Individual Competition)
Eligible participants for the 2023 Rhythmic Challenge are per the Rhythmic Rules & Policies.
  • Current Senior National Team
  • Current Junior National Team
  • All FIG JR and SR Groups (Required as a first step to USA Gymnastics Championships Qualification – group members must be USA Citizens)
2023 Rhythmic Invitational Eligible Participants (Junior/HOPES Individual Competition Only)
  • All current (at the time of the event) Level 10/Elite Juniors/HOPES and Level 10 2007 Seniors
  • All Level 9 Juniors/HOPES who competed at the 2022 USA Gymnastics Championships and remain Juniors for the 2023 season

U.S Olympic and Paralympic Training Center
196 Old Military Rd
Lake Placid, NY

Competition Dates
February 18-19, 2022

Challenge Training
Training is available on Friday, February 17th for Challenge participants only

    8:00am - Gym Opens
    10:00am – 10:55am - Rotation 1: Challenge RGG
    11:00am – 11:50am - Rotation 2: Level 9 Junior 2009
    11:55am – 12:40pm - Rotation 3: Level 9 Junior 2010-2011
    12:40pm – 1:15pm - Judge Lunch
    1:20pm – 2:35pm - Rotation 4: Level 9 Junior 2008
    2:40pm – 3:50pm - Rotation 5: Challenge RGI Subgroup 1
    3:50pm – 5:00pm - Rotation 6: Challenge RGI Subgroup 2
    5:05pm – 6:20pm - Rotation 7: Level 10 Junior 2008
    6:20pm – 6:55pm - Judge Dinner
    7:00pm – 7:50pm - Rotation 8: Level 10 Junior 2009-2010
    7:55pm – 8:45pm - Rotation 9: Level 10 Senior 2007
    7:30am - Gym Opens
    9:30am – 10:25am - Rotation 10: Challenge RGG
    10:25am – 10:40am - AWARDS: Challenge RGG
    10:45am – 11:35am - Rotation 11: Level 9 Junior 2009
    11:40am – 12:25pm - Rotation 12: Level 9 Junior 2010-2011
    12:25pm – 1:05pm - AWARDS: Level 9 Junior 2009 & Level 9 Junior 2010-2011
    12:25pm – 1:05pm - Judge Lunch
    1:10pm – 2:25pm - Rotation 13: Level 9 Junior 2008
    2:30pm – 3:40pm - Rotation 14: Challenge RGI Subgroup 2
    3:40pm – 4:50pm - Rotation 15: Challenge RGI Subgroup 1
    4:55pm – 6:10pm - Rotation 16: Level 10 Junior 2008
    6:10pm – 6:50pm - AWARDS: Level 9 Junior 2008 & Level 10 Junior 2008
    6:10pm – 6:50pm - Judge Dinner
    6:55pm – 7:45pm - Rotation 17: Level 10 Junior 2009-2010
    7:50pm – 8:40pm - Rotation 18: Level 10 Senior 2007
    8:40pm – 9:15pm - AWARDS: Challenge RGI, Level 10 Junior 2009-2010, Level 10 Senior 2007

Registration and Entry Fee
Registration Deadline: January 16, 2022

$175 per individual gymnast (National Team Members complimentary)
$200 per group (National Team Members complimentary)

Step 1: Register athletes and pay registration fees through the Meet Reservation System on the USA Gymnastics website. Step 2: Register athletes and upload music to the KSIS website

  • The Rhythmic Challenge and Invitational is by qualification only. Please see the list of eligible athletes below. Registration will be cancelled for any athletes who are ineligible and entered in KSIS or the Meet Reservation System.
  • National Team Members are registered in Meet Reservation System by USA Gymnastics but must be registered in KSIS by coaches.

  • Current RGI JR, SR and RGG SR National Team members: housed at the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center (USOPTC) from Feb 16-20: rooms covered by the USOPC (NB: one coach per National Team club is covered by the USOPC. Additional NT Coaches may stay in the USOPTC at the daily rate of $90/day/person).
  • Challenge Groups: available housing at the USOPTC from Feb 16-20: $90/person/day. To register for this housing option, click here
  • Invitational participants: due to various sporting events in Lake Placid this weekend, the following are options (there is no event-specific hotel block):
    • AirBNB: there are economic, spacious homes for rent in Lake Placid that teams can explore
    • Crowne Plaza Lake Placid
    • Hampton Inn and Suites Lake Placid
    • Grand Adirondack

Deadline Summary
  • January 16, 2023 – Rhythmic Challenge & Inv. Registration Deadline
    • Participants must be registered in both the Meet Reservation System and KSIS
  • February 1, 2023 – Music Upload Deadline (via KSIS)

Coaches and athletes must hold a current membership (including all related requirements) with USA Gymnastics to participate in the 2023 Rhythmic Challenge & Invitational.

Coach Attire
All coaches must be in club or athletic apparel with athletic shoes to be on the competition floor. Please remember to bring layers as temperatures can vary in the gym.

Electronic music files will be used for this competition. Upload deadline: February 1, 2023

All music must be uploaded to KSIS by this date. Please be sure to check the music files after they are uploaded and bring back-up files to the event just in case (on a phone or CD).

KSIS Music Upload Link

Challenge awards
SR RGI: Top 10: Events and AA
JR RGI: Top 8: Events and AA
FIG JR Group: Top 3 Events and AA
FIG SR Group: Top 3 Events and AA
FIG SR National Group: Top 2 Events and AA

Rhythmic Invitational awards
Level 10 Senior
2007: Top 6 Events and Top 8 AA
Level 10 Junior
2008: Top 8 Events; Top 12 AA
2009-2010: Top 4 Events; Top 8 AA

Level 9 Junior
2010-2011: Top 5 Events; Top 10 AA
2009: Top 6 Events; Top 10 AA
2008: Top 8 Events; Top 12 AA

Per the Rules and Policies

If a program event or camp is cancelled by USA Gymnastics, participants will receive a 100% refund on entry fees paid if the event is cancelled more than 60 days from the start of the event. If the event is cancelled by USA Gymnastics 60 days or less from the event, the participants will receive a 50% refund on the entry fees paid. If an athlete withdraws from the event due to an injury or any other reason more than 60 days from the event, she/he may receive a 100% refund on her/his entry fee. If the athlete withdrawals within 60 days of the event, no refund will be given.

Rhythmic Invitational Qualifiers
Milana Abayeva
Isabella Acosta
Claire Baek
Goda Balsys
Bianca Bartlett
Isabel Borges
Aurora Borovskiy
Emma Bukatar
Dasha Chernyshev
Sophie Clifton
Jimena Dominguez
Anastasia Dubinkina
Anna Filipp
Jayla Franklin
Ruby Freshwater
Victoria Gonikman
Daniella Gurevich
Annabella Hantov
Sophie Hao
Anita Harutyunyan
Angelina Harutyunyan
Alexandrina Hosonitz
Alexandra Hoyt
Katie Hwang
Vlada Ishutina
Tatev Khachatryan
Aleksia Khilkevich
Anastassia Kim
Carol Kim
Yeo Won Kim
Julia Kitter
Louisa Konnik
Dimitra Konstantopoulou
Sophie Kornev
Evelyn Kovaliov
Ruthie Kronmiller
Kristina Lee
Chloe Lee
Nicole Makarenko
Milana Mirov
Valentina Moya
Keira Mungcal
Sarah Novofastovsky
Isabelle Novoseletsky
Michelle Pavlov
Katherine Pavlovsky
Luna Pilgrim
Elizabeth Semenova
Alisa Semenova
Maria Serper
Daniela Shevchenko
Emma Shi
Natalie Shtirmer
Katrina Sinkevic
Olivia Sklyut
Anastasia Slipets
Alaini Spata
Sophie Speath
Katherine Stadnyk
Emma Suarez
Anna Tang
Kate Tang
Sophie Tanner
Anya Tarasyuk
Ivanka Tarasyuk
Leah Terry
Kalina Trayanov
Alina Troyanker
Olivia Ulrich
Sophia Ulrich
Saraswati Urgaakhad
Martha Valkov
Rebekha Vinokurov
Aurora Vitrychenko
Zoe Xu
Defne Yavuz
Natalia Ye-Granda
Tatyana Zhebrun
Christina Zhou
Sophia Zyman