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2021 Level 9/10 Senior Online Invitational
April 23-24, 2021 - Virtual

Schedule & Rotations
Competition Schedule (Updated April 22, 2021)
Rotations (Updated April 22, 2021)

This online competition, April 23-24, hosted by USA Gymnastics is open to all Level 9/10 Senior Athletes and FIG Senior groups who do not participate in the 2021 Rhythmic Challenge and Invitational.

  • March 7 – Registration on USA Gymnastics and KSIS websites
  • April 4 – Music, headshot, and D form upload to KSIS

Competition Format
  • The USA Gymnastics Virtual Sanction Playbook will be closely followed for this event.
  • Individual gymnasts will compete two events (Hoop and Ball).
  • Groups will compete one routine by choice.
  • Routines will be performed and judged live with athletes will competing at their home gym.
  • Sessions will be by club.
  • The event will be live streamed via an unlisted YouTube link (for participating clubs and parents of participants only)
  • D forms will be utilized for D3 (full D form with all D1/D3 requirements must be submitted). Judges will judge without forms for D1. Forms will be mailed back to coaches after the competition.

Technical Requirements
  • Access to a gym with a full rhythmic carpet
  • Internet speed should be sufficient to stream/upload high definition video. (Recommended at least 15Mbps upload speed with wired internet connection).
  • Use of a video camera on a tripod is strongly recommended.
  • The camera should follow the gymnast’s movement around the floor during the routine and be filmed from as close to a normal judges’ position as possible without any obstructions blocking the camera
  • Note: it is recommended that gymnasts use apparatus of which the color has some contrast to the carpet and surroundings when possible.

Registration and Entry Fee
Registration Deadline: March 7

$50 per gymnast (2 routines)
$50 per group (1 routine)

Step 1: Register athletes and pay registration fees through the Meet Reservation System on the USA Gymnastics website (by March 7)
Step 2: Register athletes on the KSIS website (by March 7)
Step 3: Upload music, athlete headshots, and D forms to the KSIS website (by April 4)

USA Gymnastics Memberships
Coaches and athletes must hold a current membership (including safety/background check/U100 certification if applicable) with USA Gymnastics to participate. Note: Virtual sanctions cannot accommodate foreign participants at this time.

Participant Gifts and Certificates will be sent to clubs prior to the event. Placement award will be sent to clubs following the event.

No inquiries will be allowed.

50% Refunds for entry fees will be provided in the case of injury or illness with a doctor’s note. Notification must be provided to at least 1 week prior to the event.