2019 Rhythmic Elite Qualifier
May 18-19, 2019 – Lake Placid, N.Y.
Results Senior
Junior Group
Senior Group
Schedule Click here for the training schedule (updated 5/13/19)
Click here for a detailed schedule (updated 5/14/19)
Rotations Click here for the rotations (updated 5/14/19)
Deadline Summary
  • March 25, 2019 – Priority Accommodation Requests Deadline (NT Clubs ONLY – A link will be sent to all NT Clubs for this priority registration)
  • March 26th, 2019 @ 10:00am EST – OTC accommodation requests open for all clubs via Group Processing (Limited number of beds available. First-come, first-served)
  • April 15, 2019 – Elite Qualifier Registration Deadline
  • April 15, 2019 – OTC Lodging, Meal Card, and Training Request Deadlines
  • April 16, 2019 – Crowne Plaza Hotel Reservation Deadline
  • April 19, 2019 – Travel Form Deadline (for ALL participants staying at the OTC)
  • April 19, 2019 – Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Reservation Deadline
Venue Lake Placid Olympic Training Center
196 Old Military Rd
Lake Placid, NY 12946
Eligibility The following athletes are eligible for the Elite Qualifier:
  • All Level 10/Elite gymnasts
  • Top 40 Junior Level 9s from the Level 9 Classic
  • Top 25 Senior Level 9s from the Level 9 Classic
  • All FIG Groups (Note: If a Senior FIG-level Group has been assigned to an official FIG international competition following the 2019 Rhythmic Challenge, this group is not required to attend the Elite Qualifier)
Note: Due to a new USOC requirement, all athletes 18 years and older are required to complete the USOC Safe Sport Course by April 19th, 2019 to participate in the Elite Qualifier: https://usagym.org/pages/education/courses/U110/.
Qualification Opportunities FROM the Elite Qualifier Below are the qualification opportunities from the Elite Qualifier:
  • Any Level 9 Juniors ranked in the top 40 become level 10
  • Any Level 9 Seniors ranked in the top 30 become level 10
  • Top 25 Juniors advance to USA Gymnastics Championships as ELITE competitors
  • Top 20 Seniors advance to USA Gymnastics Championships as ELITE competitors
  • Next 15 Level 10 Juniors advance to USA Gymnastics Championships as Level 10
  • Next 30 Level 10 Seniors advance to USA Gymnastics Championships as Level 10
  • The top 2 Junior Groups advance to the USA Gymnastics Championships
  • The top SR Group from the Elite Qualifier advances to the USA Gymnastics Championships along with the Senior FIG level group that has been assigned to official FIG international competition for 2019.
Registration and Entry Fee Registration Deadline: April 15, 2018

$175 per gymnast
$200 per group

Registration will be conducted using the Meet Reservation system on the USA Gymnastics website. For instructions, click here.

Note: There is no admission charge for spectators
Accommodation – OTC Lodging A limited number of beds are available at the Olympic Training Center.
  • National Team clubs will receive first priority for OTC beds on a first-come, first-served basis. A private link will be sent to NT clubs for this priority bed registration through the Group Processing System on the USA Gym website.
  • Any additional beds remaining will be offered to non-National Team (NT) starting March 26th @ 10:00am EST via the Group Processing System on the USA Gymnastics website.
Cost: $75/night - includes lodging and meals (payment required immediately, upon registration through the Group Processing System):

Note: Since level 9 athletes will qualify immediately prior to the registration deadline, there will likely not be any OTC beds remaining at the time of their qualification. It will not be possible to save OTC beds for potential L9 Qualifiers unless the club/parent wishes to risk losing the accommodation fee if they do not qualify. Refunds (50%) for bed registrations can only be provided in the case of illness/injury with doctor’s note.
Other Lodging Courtyard by Marriott - $119/night
5920 Cascade Rd.
Lake Placid, NY 12946
518-523-2900 (reference USA Gymnastics Elite Qualifier)
Reservation deadline is April 19th, 2018

Crowne Plaza - Starting at $109/night
101 Olympic Drive
Lake Placid, NY 12946
Call to reserve: 518-523-2556
Group Rate under: “USA Gymnastics – Elite Qualifier”
Reservation deadline is April 16th, 2018
Transportation Official Airport: Albany, NY (ALB) – 132 miles
Train Station: Albany-Rensselaer, New York (ALB) – 141 miles

Alternate Airport Possibilities:
  • Saranac Lake, NY – 16 miles
  • Burlington, VA (BVT) – 63 miles (requires ferry)
  • Montreal, Canada (YUL) – 116 Miles
Only those staying on-site at the OTC will be considered for transportation to/from the Albany airport. At no time is transportation guaranteed, but USA Gymnastics and the OTC staff will make best efforts for those staying on-site who have turned in flight information by April 20th.

Transportation Request Guidelines:
  • ARRIVALS: 5:00pm or earlier at the ALB airport
  • DEPARTURES: 12:00pm or later at the ALB airport
  • Flight information must be turned in to USA Gymnastics by April 19th using the travel form below to be considered for transportation.
  • All participants staying at the OTC must submit the travel form. It will be assumed that any participant who does not submit the travel form by April 19th will provide their own transportation.
Travel Form (Due April 19th)

Please be mindful of the fact that the OTC is several hours’ distance from the Albany Airport and there are a limited number of shuttles per day. It is possible that depending on arrival time there could be several hours wait for the next shuttle. It is also possible that a shuttle may not be available if there are not others leaving at a similar time.

Note: In the case of a flight delay when participants are scheduled for OTC transportation, it is the parent/club’s responsibility to provide Safe Sport compliant transportation from the airport to the OTC. USA Gymnastics will work with the OTC to accommodate the delayed participants on a later shuttle if possible or, in the case of a minor delay, may postpone the shuttle’s departure, however, this cannot be guaranteed nor expected. USA Gymnastics is not responsible for delayed flights that cause participants to arrive after shuttle departure times. Full responsibility for the participants’ transportation falls on the parents/club.
Meals Meal plans are available for participating athletes and coaches who are staying off-site at the rate of $45/day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the OTC cafeteria.

Reserve meal cards via the Group Processing system on the USA Gym website.

Meals must be reserved by April 15th (payment required at the time of request). Remember that meals are already included for participants staying on-site at the OTC.
Training Training will be available for all participants who pre-register. Training requests must be submitted by April 15th via using this form.

Thursday, May 16 – Training
Training with Music (For West Coast Clubs – Regions 1&2)

Friday, May 17 – Training without Music
Training without music will be offered this day for all participants who have pre-registered. It will NOT be possible to run routines with music. This will be a time to stretch, check throws and pivots, etc. only.
Coach Membership and Attire Coaches and athletes must hold a current membership/safety/background check/U100 certification with USA Gymnastics to participate in the 2019 Rhythmic Elite Qualifier.

All coaches must be in club or athletic apparel with athletic shoes to be on the competition floor. Please remember to bring layers as temperatures can vary in the gym.
Music/Difficulty Forms Electronic music files will be used for this competition. Upload deadline: April 19, 2019. All music will be downloaded and sorted into rotation order on that date. Please be sure to check the music files after they are uploaded via the online playback button and bring back-up files to the event just in case (on a phone or CD).

  • Have any club administrator from your club log on to the USA Gymnastics website
  • Navigate to the profile page for your gymnast
    • In the sidebar, click “Club Administration”> “Athlete Roster”> then search for the athlete
  • Scroll down on the athlete’s profile page to the section that says “Routine Music”
  • Then click the “upload” button next to each event the athlete will be competing to add the music
Note: Any music already uploaded for your athletes for another event this year will still be in the system and does not need to be uploaded again.

Difficulty forms will NOT be used for this competition.
Awards Per the Rules & Policies.

All National Team Members are REQUIRED to be present for awards.
Inquiries Per the Rules and Policies
  • 50% Refunds for registration fees, OTC beds, and OTC meal cards will be provided in the case of injury or severe illness with a doctor’s note. Notification must be provided to jvincent@usagym.org at least 1 week prior to the event.
  • Refunds without a doctor’s note are not possible.
Additional information Please note: There are no vending machines or concession on-site. Participating athletes and coaches may pre-purchase a meal plan (see above). Meals are not available for parents/spectators. Please inform the parents from your club so they may plan ahead accordingly. The downtown Lake Placid area has many restaurants and shops to serve those without a meal plan. There is also an “Adirondack Corner Store” with refreshments a 10-minute walk from the Olympic Training Center.

Adirondack Corner Store
188 Newman Rd
Lake Placid, NY 12946