2018 October Squad Camp
Oct. 1-5, 2018 – Lake Placid, N.Y.
Location You are invited to participate in the 2018 October Squad Camp with the aim of developing athlete technique and physical preparation as well as providing coach professional development through collaboration, stimulation, and technical feedback provided by the national training camp training conditions and the staff.
Location Olympic Training Center: Lake Placid, NY
Schedule October 1: Arrivals
October 2-4: Training
October 5: Departures
Registration Register through the “Meet Reservation System” on the USA Gym website: https://usagym.org/app/meetRegistration.html. You need to login to the website first.

There are two steps to registration:
Step 1: Online Registration/Payment
Step 2: Submission of proof of citizenship (if attending a squad camp for the first time) and athlete/coach information forms
Entry Fee $550 per person – athletes and coaches pay (covers meals, accommodations, and training). A personal coach must attend with their athlete.
Transportation Fee $25 per athlete/coach
Coaches/Athletes requesting transportation between the Albany Airport and OTC should use group processing to register for “2018 October National Elite Squad Transportation”: https://usagym.org/app/clubGroupProcessing.html.

The OTC will do their best to accommodate flights that meet the guidelines below. In the case that they cannot accommodate, the transportation fee will be refunded.

Note: In the case of a flight delay when participants are scheduled for OTC transportation, it is the parent/club’s responsibility to provide Safe Sport compliant transportation from the airport to the OTC. USA Gymnastics will work with the OTC to accommodate the delayed participants on a later shuttle if possible or, in the case of a minor delay, may postpone the shuttle’s departure, however, this cannot be guaranteed nor expected. USA Gymnastics is not responsible for delayed flights that cause participants to arrive after shuttle departure times. Full responsibility for the participants’ transportation to/from camp falls on the parents/club.
Registration Deadline Friday, August 24th – Online registration and submission of the included coach/gymnast information forms and passport/birth certificate (if applicable) are due by this date.
Refunds 50% refunds will be provided only in the case of illness/injury verified by a doctor’s note.
Membership Requirements Athletes: current membership for 2018-2019 season
Coaches: current membership for 2018-2019 season with all requirements
Proof of Citizenship All athletes attending camp for the first time must provide proof of citizenship with their registration.
Waiver Forms Both athletes and coaches must submit the National Team Training Center waiver form. This form will be emailed out directly from the OTC prior to the event. It will come from an “assuresign” email address.
***If you have already submitted a waiver this year, you will not need to do this again.
Travel Airport: Albany

For participants requesting transportation, travel itineraries are due by Friday, August 24th via this form: https://goo.gl/forms/JEZvf1GWlB73JW1G3
Arrival / Departure Flights must meet the below criteria to be eligible for OTC transportation:
October 1st (by 5:00 pm)
October 5th (12:00 pm or later)

***Please note: participants arriving much earlier than 5:00pm or departing much later than 12:00pm may need to wait at the Albany airport for several hours.
What to Bring
  • Notebook
  • Music (or music options)
  • All apparatus
  • Tight-fitting training clothes without holes (Hair must be in a neat bun.)
Camp Expectations for Preparation
  • Body and apparatus technique
    Correct body segments
    Correct technique on Fundamental apparatus elements and on tosses
  • High releve
  • Equal strength and flexibility on the right and left legs
  • Square position of the body difficulties: leaps, balances, rotations
  • Strength and conditioning program
  • Active coach participation in the working process
  • There may be time in the schedule for review of new choreography or new choreography/music ideas.