2013 USA International/National Rhythmic Judges' Course
January 8-13, 2013
Doubletree Hilton Houston Intercontinental Airport - Houston, Texas
XIII Cycle (2013-2016)

The Course will be held by FIG RG TC Members in accordance with the following FIG Rules:

  • RG Code of Points 2013-2016
  • General FIG Rules for Judges 2013
  • FIG Rules for RG Judges 2013
  • FIG Statutes 2011
  • Technical Regulations 2013

FIG FIG - Federation Internationale de Gymnastique
Avenue de la Gare 12
Case Postale 630
CH - 1001 Lausanne - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)21 321 55 10 / Direct: +41 (0)21 321 55 XX
Fax: +41 (0)21 321 55 29
Website: http://www.fig-gymnastics.com
132 East Washington
Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Contact: Caroline Hunt chunt@usagym.org
DATES January 8-13, 2012
SCHEDULE Arrival: January 8
Course: January 9-12
Examinations: January 13
Departure: January 13 (4pm or later)
EXAMINATION All judges wishing to confirm their Brevet or National category for XIII Cycle must pass the examinations.

According to the FIG General and Specific Rules for Judges 2013, the Brevet category will depend on the results of the examinations.

The examinations consist of:

  • theory examination
  • practical examination - Difficulty
  • practical examination - Execution

PARTICIPANTS All judges in possession of Brevet Cat. I - IV and national judges are allowed to take part in the Course provided that they have not been sanctioned during the current Cycle. It is also possible to audit the course.

Please see Sanctions in the FIG Statutes, Art. 43.2, except for (a).

REGISTRATION Only judges nominated by their resp. National Member Federations are allowed to participate. The registrations can only be made by FIG affiliated National Federations.

Each National Federation, wishing to send their judges to the International course, must fill in the online registration system, on the FIG website.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE & FIG EXPERT(S) The Course will be guided by Nataliya Kuzmina, RG TC President-elect

The official language is English

ACCOMMODATION & SITE OF THE EVENT Doubletree Hilton Houston Intercontinental Airport
There is a complimentary shuttle from the airport
To book your hotel room please contact National Travel Systems (NTS) by clicking here or by calling 888-603-8747
REGISTRATION To Register for the Judges Course click here.
You must be a USA Gymnastics Member to register via this site. If you are not a member please email rbrazo@usagym.org for registration instructions.