2013 U.S. Rhythmic Championships
June 4-9, 2013 - Orlando, Fla.

Location HP Pavillion, ESPN Wide World of Sports, Orlando, Florida
Host Hotel Disney Coronado Springs
W Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL

To adhere to Disney's contract polices, all hotel packages and Disney park tickets must be pre-paid to National Travel Systems by May 13th. After May 13th, all hotel packages and Disney Tickets will be completely non-refundable.

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Future Stars Test 9:00-11:00am - Saturday, June 8
Membership and Attire Coaches and athletes must hold a current membership/safety/background check with USA Gymnastics to participate in the 2013 Rhythmic National Qualifier

All coaches must be in club or national team warm ups with athletic shoes to be on the competition floor.

Mandatory Disney Waivers
Please fill out and return all completed Disney waivers to waiver@usagym.org.

Event Dates

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Level 4: June 9
Level 5: June 5
Level 6: June 6-7
Level 7: June 8-9
Level 8: June 6-7
Level 9 Teams: June 5
JO Groups: June 5
Level 10
June 5: Training
June 6: AA Qualification/Event Finals
June 7: AA Qualification Event Finals
June 8: AA Finals
June 9: National Team meeting (am)
Rotations Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9 Teams (Wed & Sat)
JO Groups
Level 10
Qualification Participation in the Regional Championships Regional Team
The top 8 individual athletes in rank order (regardless of age)qualify to the Level 7 and Level 8 Regional Team

Participation in the Regional Championships

Level 9
For those gymnasts who maintain Level 9 after the 2013 National Qualifier, competing in Teams

A Team score is comprised of a Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon routine performed by minimum 1 maximum 4 Level 9 gymnasts regardless of age (in the case of 4, one gymnast per event)

Maximum of 2 Teams per club; maximum 13 Teams total

Top 25 Juniors/Hopes from the 2013 National Qualifier

Top 20 Seniors from the 2013 National Qualifier (top 20 includes National Team member(s) with an official international assignment which precludes participation in the Qualifier; those gymnast(s) are part of the 20, and the total number of qualified seniors will not exceed 20)

Senior National Group (per World Selection Procedures)

Junior National Group: exhibition

The top 12 Juniors in rank order from the All-Around qualification advance to the AA Final (Hopes may not advance as they cannot take a place on the JR National Team)

The top 12 Seniors in rank order from the All-Around qualification advance to the AA Final

The U.S Rhythmic Championships is the qualifying event for the 2013 World Championships

Entry Fee Level 4: $100
Levels 5-6: $130
$130 $130 per Level 9 Team
$150 per Group
Difficulty Forms   Must be emailed to cminshall@usagym.org by May 20th. Any difficulty forms received between May 20th and May 27th will be charged a $50.00 late fee. After May 27th any difficulty form submissions or changes will be the competitors responsibility to supply all copies for judges and will be charged a $50.00 late fee.
Awards AA and Events for top 12 per age division*
Child A
Child B
Child C
Junior A
Junior B
Junior C

*Each age division will be awarded when there is a minimum of 12 gymnasts per level. In case of fewer than 12, the age division will be combined with the one before

*in the case of a large number of participants in a specific age division, division may be broken down further by age

Top 3 L7 Regional Team
Top 3 L8 Regional Team
Top 3 Overall Regional Teams (L7, L8 and L9-taken from 2013 National Qualifier)
AA: top 8
Individual Events*: top 8

*in the case of a large number of participants, the individual event awards may be broken down into smaller categories by age; there will be one AA award

Top 8 L9 Teams
Top 3 JO Groups per level
AA: Hopes
Top 6 JR individual events
Top 6 SR individual events
Top 8 JR AA
Top 8 SR AA
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Inquiries       A coach may submit a score inquiry on the D score. The inquiry must be submitted to the Program Director*
before the end of the event rotation. The concerned judges' panel and Program Director will confer and if necessary, conduct a video review. If there is a score adjustment, it will be posted prior to the start of the next rotation.

* a professional member will be designated for inquiry submission to submit to the Program Director within the timeframe above.