2010 Rhythmic Invitational, Group Championships and Challenge

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ROTATIONS: Click below for the rotations. (Updated 2/1/10) Note: There will be no timed warm ups.
SYMPOSIUM: 2010 Rhythmic Symposium: Coach Education
Feb. 11-12, 2010 - Colorado Springs, Colo.
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Dates: February 11 -14, 2010
Competition Site: Olympic Training Center - Sports Center I
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Limited entries: Level 7 - 40 participants
Level 8 - 40 participants - Registration for Level 8 is FULL
Level 9/10 Juniors - 40 entries
Level 9/10 Seniors - 25 entries
Entry Form

Group Championships - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced - Entry Form

Awards: Individual Event/ All-Around: 1st-12th
Group Championships: By division

Separate age divisions will not be awarded in Level 7 & 8. The Level 9/10 is one competition with a 9/10 Junior session and a 9/10 Senior session. Only Junior and Senior age divisions will be awarded in Level 9/10, it will not be awarded by level. Children will compete with Juniors and there will be no separate award division. Group competition will be awarded by division (beginner, intermediate, advanced, FIG Junior, FIG Senior).

Tentative Competition Schedule: Click here for the TENTATIVE schedule.
Admission: Admission is FREE to all Sessions
Host Hotel: The Host Hotel for this year's Rhythmic Challenge Invitational is the Hilton Antlers . The rates per night begin at $119.00. All reservations for the host hotel must be made thru National Travel Systems. National Travel can be reached toll free at 1-888-603-8747 or you can make your reservation thru their website at NTSSportsTravel.com.
Symposium: Educational seminars for all coaches are planned for Friday morning and evening. Info to follow.
Transportation: Closest Airport: Colorado Springs Municipal Airport - No transportation will be provided.
Parking is free at the Olympic Training Center.
Registration: All times are subject to change
Wednesday, Feb 10 - 6pm-10pm
Thursday, Feb 11 - 3pm-6pm
Friday, Feb 12 - 3pm-6pm

All participants will receive a credential that must be kept with them at all times. Credentials are required for access to any meetings, competition area, etc. Two coaches per club will receive a credential with access to the warm-up area and competition floor. All Groups, Level 7, 8, 9JR and 9SR athletes must MAIL in TEN D1/D2 forms. THESE FORMS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2010. Athletes will not be credentialed without these forms. A $25 fee will be applied if forms are late. Bringing a copy of these forms to registration is highly suggested.

Olympic Training Center USOC requires THESE USOC FORMS to be completed by each athlete and coach. These forms must be returned to USA Gymnastics by Monday January 4, 2010. A $25 fee will be applied if forms are late. Forms must be signed and dated in the year 2010 to be valid.

Athletes that are under the age of 18 must have their parent/guardian signature on the forms where required. Do not mail forms to the training center. They should be returned to USA Gymnastics at 132 E. Washington Street Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Attn. Stephanie Parrish. Forms must be signed and dated in the year 2010 to be valid. Forms must be received by mail. Do not fax forms.

Participant Biography 1 page Participant Biography 1 page
Waiver and Release of Liability 3 pages Waiver and Release of Liability 3 pages
HIPPA (Authorization for Release of Info.) 2 pages HIPPA (Authorization for Release of Info.) 2 pages
Medical History Questionnaire 2 pages Foreign National Submission 1 page
non-citizens only
Foreign National Submission 1 page
non-citizens only
Program Participants: Participants in OTC programs are those athletes, staff, coaches, officials and administrators as submitted by their NGB who are participating directly in the program.

Reminder to all Participants and Guests, that the use of the OTC facility is a privilege. It is expected that everyone is respectful of the property and OTC staff.

Food and drink are not allowed in the Sports Center 1 Gym. Water will be provided for the athletes in the warm-up gym. If necessary, athletes can bring in bottled water or a small snack (a piece of fruit, etc). Everyone must clean up after themselves.

Competition Ceremonies Athletes will not have to march out during the opening of the competitions. Instead all athletes will be marched out at the end of the competition for the awards ceremony.
Parents Parents are not allowed in the warm-up gym on the competition floor area at any time.
Athletes & Coaches Athletes and coaches are only allowed on the competition floor area or warm-up gym during your competition session. Please do not plan to train, visit with friends, or watch the competition from the warm-up gym. Coaches, athletic warm ups and tennis shoes required in the gymnasium at all times!

Any questions, please contact:
Stephanie Parrish, USA Gymnastics, Rhythmic Program Assistant
Phone: (317)829-5662
Fax: (317)237-5069
Email: sparrish@usagym.org