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Jonathan Horton update
posted on 10/22/2011

© John Cheng

HOUSTON, Oct. 22, 2011 Acaa Jonathan Horton of Houston is recovering nicely from foot surgery conducted on Oct. 20 to repair a torn ligament in his left foot. He had an MRI when he returned to Houston after the 2011 World Championships, and his doctor recommended surgery as the most effective treatment. The surgery went well and the expected recovery time is around four months.

"While I was disappointed to hear about the extent of the injury, both my doctor and I are optimistic about the surgery and the recovery process, and I think some good can come out of this" said Horton. "Right now I can't put any pressure on my foot, obviously, but I should be able to do everything except floor and vault pretty soon. I can train on pommel horse, get stronger on still rings, and work on some details that I haven't been able to focus on in the past. This could really be a blessing in disguise Acaa I think I will be a stronger gymnast because of this, and I am confident I can help the team nine months from now."

He injured his foot during the team finals at the World Championships when he had a short landing on his vault. The U.S. men's team went on to win the team bronze medal, the USA's first team World medal since 2003. The 2011 World Championships were held in Tokyo, Japan.