Chmielewski Tournament (POL)
posted on 01/24/2008

24-Jan-08 - This competition is designated as a club meet. Acro clubs with athletes on the J.O. National Team, Junior National Team and/or Senior National Teams are extended invitations to attend this competition.


Coaches may choose to attend the Poland competition and have the option of taking their national team pair/groups as well as national team athletes in new partnerships. Without a formal selection event, the Program Committee trusts the coaches to make the appropriate choices about their athletes keeping in mind the importance of quality representation for your club and the USA.


Although athletes will be competing for their club teams at the Poland competition, they are still a reflection on the USA program. It is expected that all pair/groups will be able to cleanly execute the exercise requirements for the level they are competing and that the coach understands the international competition requirements and rules. Selena Peco will serve as Head of Delegation for this trip.


Interested NT & JONT coaches must email Selena by March 5.

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