New tariff sheet change form
posted on 04/26/2007

Program Committee discussed the importance of clarifying the tariff sheet deadlines per the Acrobatic Gymnastics Specifications, page 80. Tariff Sheet Clarification and penalties will be effective May 1, 2007. Effective May 1, all deadlines and penalties will be strictly enforced. Coaches may submit revised tariff sheets, in hand, by 4:00pm two (2) days prior to the start of any competition. The Revised Tariff Sheet Deadline is the deadline for coaches to turn in revised tariff sheets without penalty. Any new tariff sheet turned in by this deadline will be penalized. "New" is defined as any tariff sheet with 4 or more boxes changed. Any tariff sheet submitted by the Revised Tariff Sheet Deadline with 4 or more boxes requiring any change will be considered "new" and therefore the appropriate penalty applies. A "change" is defined as any addition, deletion, or modification to the tariff sheet. A new Change in Tariff Sheet Form has been created. Revised tariff sheets must be submitted according to the deadlines in the Specifications, Section 6.7. All tariff sheet revision must include a copy of the New Tariff Sheet Change Form indicating the changes from the original tariff sheet. A copy of the New Revised Tariff Sheet Form will also be provided in the next Technical Update.


acrobat  Tariff change form