2004 WC & IAG Results: Updates on USA athletes
posted on 05/23/2004
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  • May 23 - USA Mixed Pair wins GOLD! USA Trio wins BRONZE!
    Mixed Pair, Arthur Davis and Shenea Booth finished .43 ahead of Russia in finials competition to win their second World Championship Title. The USA trio of Samantha Schabow, Danielle Heider, and Jennifer daSilva also had a very strong performance in finals competition and finished in third place winning a bronze medal. Russia and Australia finished in first and second place respectively.
  • May 22 - USA Mixed Pair, Davis/Booth qualify to finals in first place. Davis/Booth are .07 ahead of the Russian Mixed Pair heading into finals competition tomorrow. The USA Women's Trio, Shabow/Heider/daSilva also qualified for finals competitions finishing preliminaries in a strong 4th place position.
  • May 21 - World Championships competition began today with the USA Mixed Pair, Arthur Davis & Shenea Booth (Empire), and the USA Women's Trio of Samantha Schabow, Danielle Heider, and Jennifer daSilva (Empire) each competing one preliminary exercise. Davis/Booth and Schabow/Heider/daSilva are in 2nd and 3rd respectively at the end of competition day one. Prior to competition the USA World Championships Team was interviewed by the FIG. Read the story on the FIG website.
  • May 20 - The French Federation of Gymnastics presented a nice Opening
    Ceremonies for the International Age Group Competition and World Championships. In 12-19 Women's Trio finals, Alanna Weisberg, Tami Annonson, Lindsey Zupancic (CATs) finished just .05 behind Russia to claim the silver medal. Mariah Henninger, Kelly Topp, Angela Hatch also represented the USA very well finishing strongly in 4th place in 12-19 Trios.
  • May 19 - 12-19 Women's Trios, Alanna Weisberg, Tami Annonson, Lindsey
    Zupancic (CATs) and Mariah Henninger, Kelly Topp, Angela Hatch (Wings) performed beautifully, finishing preliminary competition in 3rd and 4th place respectively and advancing to finals. 12-19 Mixed Pairs, Kris Duncan, Clare Brunson (Empire) and Andre Solodar, Xiau-Ling Wee (Paramount) complete their second exercise finishing preliminaries in 2nd and 7th respectively and advancing to finals. 12-19 Men's Pair, Ting-Tien Wee, Lukas Martincik (Paramount) finished their competition with a strong balance performance. Summers, Summers, Rockhill wowed the audience and judges with thier tumbling and finished the 11-16 Trio competition in 4th. Seto, Gobright, Vachon also performed well in finals and finished in 6th place in the 11-16 Trio category. Duncan, Brunson captured the silver medal in the 12-19 Mixed Pairs competition.
  • May 18 - 11-16 Women's Trios, Melissa Summers, Nicole Summers, Karilynn Rockhill (Skyview) and Jordan Seto, Jamie Gobright, Heather Vachon (ATA) finished 4th and 5th respectively in preliminary competition and advanced to finals. 11-16 Women's Pairs, Kari Blankenship, Alyssa Walsh (MAATT) and Rochelle Belloir, Megan Clemons (MAATT) performed well in preliminary competition. 12-19 Mixed Pairs and Men's Pairs compete first exercises of the competition.

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