2006 National Team & J.O. National Team training camp
posted on 03/07/2006
The 2006 National Team / JO National Team Training Camp took place from March 2-7 at Karolyi's Gymnastics Center in Huntsville, TX. The camp was a season highlight for the participating athletes and coaches.

The growth of the team was apparent both inside the gym and outside the gym. Our talented and energetic clinicians - Youri Vorobyev, Ivaylo Katsov, Gawain DuPree, Tonya Case, and Julie Miller - worked well with all of the athletes. Pair/groups spent time learning new skills as well as focusing on perfecting existing skills and choreography. There was a tremendous feeling of "Team USA". The athletes and coaches understood and carried out the ideas of working together, motivating, teaching, and respecting each another.

The camp was held at Karolyi's Gymnastics Center in Huntsville, TX - which was a great setting for this camp. The athletes and coaches not only benefitted from the training sessions, but also had the opportunity to enjoy walks around the ranch, animals and livestock, and each other's company. Bela Karolyi was very welcoming and hospitable to all of the participants. The Acro Program was excited and honored to use the Karolyi's ranch for this camp and is greatly appreciative of all of Bela's efforts to make the camp a success.

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