Meet director's certification
posted on 05/21/2007

  1. All applicants must be USAG Professional Members
  2. Any USAG Professional Member acting as Meet Director for an Acrobatic Gymnastics competition, must take and pass this Meet Director's Certification.
  3. Meet Directors must receive confirmation of certification prior to applying for an event sanction.
  4. All questions refer to the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Rules & Policies.
  5. Use the answer sheet linked below. Next to each question number, write the letter that best answers the question.
  6. Write legibly and erase all changes completely.
  7. Mail the answer sheet and $15 exam fee (payable to USA Gymnastics) to the National Office: USA Gymnastics - Acrobatic Gymnastics, 201 S. Capitol Ave, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225.
  8. Results will be returned to the applicant within three to four weeks following receipt of completed answer sheet. If the applicant requests the return of results within five working days of receipt, a $25 rush processing fee must be included with the $15 exam fee.
  9. An applicant must score at least 85% on the exam to be certified as an Acrobatic Gymnastics Meet Director. Meet Director Certification is good for life.

Exam & Answer Sheet

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