posted on 05/17/2007
The following athletes will compete in the Chmielewski Tournament in Swidnica, Poland on May 24 - 27, 2007 and represent their respective clubs. Good luck to all the athletes competing in this international competition!

Acro Explosion
AGC - WG: Allison Mock, Mia Medina, Megan Muehlberger
Senior - WP: Mallory Henthorn, Savannah Shields

Senior - WG:Catherine Becnel, Katie Landry, Ravenne Eschette

TOPS Acrobatics
AGC - WG: Jennyfer Herzfeld, Alyssa Bright, Amanda Kennedy

USA Aerial Athletics
AGC - WP:Allison Traina, Michelle Banawsky, Rebekah Cherniss
AGC - WP:Dacia Wagnon, Shelby Sassin

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