July Member Services E-Newsletter
posted on 07/07/2010

Issue: #26 July 7, 2010

Professionalism: New Season, New Effort

Coaches, instructors, club owners, administrators, judges, and others are all considered "gymnastics professionals." The definition of a professional is "characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession and/or exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace" (Merriam-Webster).

Being a true professional encompasses many areas and requires continued maintenance. Here are some suggestions to help you start off the new season with positive professional habits:

  • Practice ethics: This includes everything from respecting others, playing fair, exhibiting confidentiality and resolving conflicts, to using your authority appropriately and showing concern for the success of your athletes and others. [USA Gymnastics Code of Ethics]
  • Wear proper attire: For class & practice sessions wear a neat, clean staff shirt, athletic pants or shorts (professional length), athletic shoes, long hair pulled up, minimal or no jewelry. For competition wear staff shirt and warm-up suit or "docker-style" pants and athletic shoes. For sanctioned competitions, coach and judge attire is defined in the Rules & Policies.
  • Plan activities: Lesson and practice plans can help you run organized and effective classes/practices.
  • Seek continuing education: Professionals attain basic and advanced certifications to develop their competency as a coach, instructor, or judge and continually educate themselves to maintain and enhance their expertise.
  • Communicate effectively (both written and verbal): Maintain positive communication with athletes, parents, co-workers, and supervisors.
  • Practice punctuality: Arrive at work before your scheduled start time so that you can be prepared to begin on time.
  • Know your students: Remember their names, understand their skill level and how they learn best.


Professionalism: New Season, New Effort

USA Gymnastics Athlete Membership Cards

Business Course Series Levels 1 & 2

National Gymnastics Day

Safety Matters: Honesty is a Safety Issue


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Safety Certification
Jul. 18 - Itasca, IL
Jul. 31 - Crestview Hills KY
Aug. 11 - Hartford, CT
Aug. 19 - Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 2 - Baton Rouge, LA
Sept. 19 - Portland, OR
Nov. 27 - Stroudsburg, PA

Preschool Fundamentals Pt. 2: Hands on Training
Aug. 11 - Hartford, CT
Aug. 19 - Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 9 - Itasca, IL
Sept. 19 - Portland, OR
Sept. 3 - Austin, TX

*please check the schedule online to verify course dates and times

The How, What and When of USA Gymnastics Membership Cards

Some of the most frequently asked questions to the Member Services Department are in regards to membership cards.

Below are the top five most frequently asked questions.

Q. When will the 2010-2011 athlete membership cards be available?

    A: Athletes that have been renewed for the 10-11 season can expect to receive their membership cards in the mail at the beginning of August.
Q: My athlete is attending camp in a week. How can I show proof of her membership?
    A: Athlete cards are not printed until after August 1, however the club roster list is available. Clubs may print their athlete club roster list from the USA Gymnastics website to show a list of their current athletes. Please click here to obtain your list. The user name is the club number and club password.
Q: I renewed my Professional membership online today> Why did I receive an emailed card with the old expiration date?
    A: A membership card will reflect the old expiration date until the transaction has posted. Transaction typically post within 24-48 business hours. Once the transaction is posted a card with an updated expiration date will be available.
Q: Do Introductory Athletes receive membership cards?
    A: Yes, Introductory Athletes will receive a hard copy membership card in the mail to their home address.
Q: When can I expect to receive my membership card?
    A: Membership cards are mailed out within 2-4 weeks from the date that the membership was paid, and requirements of membership have been completed.
It is vitally important to keep Member Services updated on any changes to personal information such as email address and telephone number to ensure that all membership material and benefits are being received in a timely manner.

Please contact Member Services at 800-345-4719 or via email at membership@usa-gymnatics.org for any additional questions or concerns.

Business Course Series Levels 1 & 2 -- Save over $50!

We are pleased to offer the Level 2 course from our Business College as a live course at National Congress this year. The course is scheduled for Saturday, August 14th from 2:15 - 4:30 p.m. This 3 hour seminar focuses on the seven major systems of any business: overall management, marketing, people management, information management, financial systems, facilities management, risk management. It is being offered free to National Congress registrants. We ask that you pre-register if you plan to attend the course.

This course builds upon the principles explained in the Business Level 1 course. Registrants are encouraged to take the Level 1 course online prior to coming to the Level 2 course. It is especially helpful for more experienced Program Managers, new Program Directors, new Owners, Owners in the Growth Phase, or those who are considering purchasing or starting a business. We are offering the online Business Level 1 course at just $19 through 8/13/10. That's a $20 savings!

  • Click here to register for the online Level 1 Business course for just $19!
  • Click here to register for the free live Level 2 Business course at National Congress.
Take advantage of this opportunity to better understand the structure of your business and learn new ways to encourage growth, teamwork and long-term success.


National Gymnastics Day - September 18, 2010

National Gymnastics Day is September 18, 2010! Have you started planning yet?

Now is the perfect time to brainstorm and begin putting your plan for National Gymnastics Day (NGD) into action! Here are some ideas to help you start promoting:

  • Use social media to get your gym club family talking about National Gymnastics Day. Does your gym have a facebook page? Do you tweet your clients? Do you have a monthly newsletter, or email the families in your program about your plans? Become active in the space where your gym club members are communicating.
  • Hold an open house and welcome your community into your gym club. Invite the public to show them all that gymnastics has to offer. Invite other health or fitness-related businesses to have a booth at your event. By doing so, you can build connections in your area.
  • Ask each family to bring another family and introduce them to a free "family fitness day" at the gym. This would be a perfect time to host a Tyson Fitness Challenge event, and show how health and fitness are key fundamentals of gymnastics.
  • Share the online giving site for Children's Miracle Network. This is a great way to get your classes and team kids raising money for your local CMN hospital. Teaching children to give back in their communities is a great life lesson to instill in our youth. Also try calling your local hospital to see if you can have a tour of the hospital and bring the students who will be fund raising. Do this tour before they start fund raising for a more meaningful experience. Click here to sign up your club's fund raising page.
  • Schedule a demonstration for NGD, such as a cartwheel-a-thon or flip-a-thon, where each participant collects pledges or sponsorships that are donated to the Children's Miracle Network in your community. Click here for pledge form.
  • Send the National Gymnastics Day Proclamation to your Governor and Mayor to sign and post it at your celebration.
  • Be creative and use these opportunities to educate others and celebrate all the wonderful benefits of gymnastics. Once you have raised awareness and gained community support, you are sure to make National Gymnastics Day a great success!
Don't forget to send an email to clubservices@usa-gymnastics.org detailing your National Gymnastics Day event with lots of pictures. Your club could be featured in our publications or on our website! The deadline for event and photo submissions is October 18, 2010.



Safety Matters: Honesty is a Safety Issue

USA Gymnastics requires all Professional, Junior Professional, Introductory Coaches and Junior Introductory Coaches to be Safety/Risk Management Certified. This Certification is one of the key hallmarks of being a professional member of USA Gymnastics. By earning this Certification, it is expected that each member knows and practices the principles of safety and risk management. Neither the professional, their business, nor their athletes and students benefit from skirting this responsibility through cheating.

USA Gymnastics University, the educational component of USA Gymnastics membership, asserts the following honesty clause:

    "It is the responsibility of USA Gymnastics University participants to maintain a position of academic honesty. Each USA Gymnastics membership number and password is assigned to an individual person. Using that number and password to register for and participate in USA Gymnastics educational opportunities, including but not limited to, live and online courses, Congresses, workshops, clinics, camps, and competitions asserts that you are the individual to whom that membership number and password belongs. It further asserts that you are responsible for honestly participating and completing the event, tracking your course completions, and meeting membership and certification requirements. USA Gymnastics expects that all participants are seeking continuing education through USA Gymnastics University as a means of professional development, to further learning and make meaningful contributions to the sport of gymnastics and the lives of the athletes and students we serve."
USA Gymnastics reserves the right to pursue and investigate cases in which it is suspected that a participant has not honestly earned credit or certification for a particular educational event. It is not merely an issue of honesty, but of safety.



USA Gymnastics is a non-for-profit organization which is the sole national governing body (NGB) for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. Our mission is to increase public awareness of, and encourage participation in, all aspects of gymnastics, and to support athletes in their pursuit of competitive excellence.

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