USA Gymnastics University adds gymnastics fundamentals instruction course
posted on 02/12/2010

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 12, 2010 – USA Gymnastics University, the educational arm of USA Gymnastics, recently began offering a new, interactive online course, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction. A comprehensive introductory course, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction fulfills the Level 1 Certification requirement for the Program and Recreational Colleges within USA Gymnastics University.

The course covers basic fundamental principles of coaching and teaching gymnastics, including topics such as safety and risk management, communication, athlete development, and techniques for teaching gymnastics skills. This course is valuable for both new and seasoned gymnastics professionals. For those new to the sport, this course provides a valuable foundation on which to build their education and skills. Experienced professionals can use this course as a self-assessment to fine-tune their own skills and coaching philosophy, as well as align with industry best practices.

This course is provided as a member benefit for professional, junior professional, introductory coach, and junior introductory coach members and there is no charge for the course. The course is currently available for other members, including instructor and athlete (15 and older), for a $15 fee; and to non-members for $25. Registration for the course is required.

USA Gymnastics University continues to move forward, providing increased educational offerings. Within the Program and Recreational Colleges, many of the courses and requirements for Levels 2 and above are also complete and available. In 2009, the Business College came online, and each discipline is administering certification and continuing education programs for gymnastics judges within the Judges College. As a result, gymnastics professionals in any area – coach, instructor, judge, club owner/administrator – may begin earning Level 1 Certification, as well as work toward certification at higher levels.

Continuing education and certification can lead to better and safer environments for gymnastics participants, increased job satisfaction, increased job opportunities and salary, positive program development and athlete retention and other important rewards.

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