FAQ for the 2010 Pan American Championships
posted on 01/29/2010

  1. The forms to register for the competition are posted on the website. Forms can be filled electronically and e-mailed or printed and faxed or mailed, if you wish. The forms are in an Excel workbook. Look for tabs at the bottom of the workbook that will show the various form names. Complete at least the General Info and Definitive entry forms by February 5.

  2. FIG licenses are required for all athletes who compete in Pan American Championships, since this is an FIG-sanctioned event. To obtain a license, e-mail a color copy of the athlete's passport and a recent digital photo to me or to Karey Clock, whose information will be on the registration forms. You will also need to provide a $30 fee. Nominative registrations will not be accepted unless the process has begun for the FIG license. Those who finished the FIG license process last September already have a license and will not need to reapply.

  3. Please note that for the Pan American Club Age-Group Competition, there is a 17 & Over age group. This is true only for this competition. As far as we know, the 17-18 age group will still apply for the World Age-Group Competition.

  4. The Senior and Junior Pan American Championships are by assignment only from members of the Senior and Junior National Teams. If you have other senior or junior elites who wish to compete in Daytona, they should enter the Club Age-Group Competition in their age group.

  5. Parents and other spectators who would like to stay with the team in the host hotel can be included on the hotel reservation form. Teams are encouraged but not required to stay in the host hotels.