Empire Acro Gymnastics hosts Super Clinic
posted on 06/06/2006

The host for the 2007 Acrobatic Gymnastics Super Clinic has changed. Empire Acro Gymnastics, located in Riverside, CA, will host the Super Clinic. Please make note of the change.

2007 Super Clinic
January 12-15, 2007
  1. Judges wishing to obtain new certification, renew certification, or upgrade certification. Instruction will include classroom, practical judging, and in-gym learning.
  2. Coaches wanting to start training athletes at higher levels, learn new spotting techniques and drills for optional and advanced skills, review strength, flexibility, and progressions for specific skills, and understand deductions and routine construction from a judging perspective. Instruction will include classroom and in-gym learning. Personal coaches will have the opportunity to be on the floor listening to the clinicians as they work with your athletes providing a unique opportunity for the coaches to take notes and ask questions. Coaching lectures are scheduled and will focus on routine composition, artistry, and proper body positions.
  3. New clubs/coaches interested in starting an acrobatic gymnastics program. Learn the program rules, compulsory exercise, and basic skill technique and be on your way to starting your new Acrobatic Gymnastics program. Take advantage of the time to mingle and network with existing acro coaches, judges and club owners from across the country! Instruction will include classroom setting and in-gym learning with Acro National Team athletes demonstrating each of the skill requirements in each of the levels (Levels 4 - 8).
  4. Athlete Clinic (Level 6-10 athletes - no National Team members please) wanting valuable training experience working on new and existing skills. Athletes will get a jump on the competitive season and have a chance to interact with other athletes and top clinicians from across the country. Clinicians will work with the athletes on new skills, technique, tumbling, and individual skills.
  5. Skills Testing (Level 9 or 10 athletes) Skills testing will be offered on Friday evening for Level 9 and 10 athletes. JONT athletes wishing to skills test may also participate in the athlete clinic. Please indicate on the athlete clinic form if you have athletes who wish to skills test.
PURPOSE: The Super Clinic is an educational workshop with the goal to provide a variety of educational experiences to coaches, judges, athletes participating in the acro program. There will be numerous opportunities for coaches and judges to interact and work together so that the individuals and the country will benefit from better training and evaluation of athletes. The New Coaches track will also provide essential start-up information to club owners and coaches who wish to start an Acro program in their gyms. The athlete clinic is designed for athletes that want to improve on their current skill base, master existing skills, and begin to develop the foundation for new skills. Multiple clinicians will be on-hand working with each group of athletes on dynamic, balance, and tumbling skills.
CLINIC SCHEDULE: Clinic Schedule Updated 01/09/07 (times are tentative and subject to change)