JumpStart Bulletin 2009
posted on 07/28/2009

Power Jumps - No warm-up will be given for this test. If an athlete falls or is interrupted in the first 5 repetitions, they will be allowed to restart. Maximum of 1 restart.

Trampoline Routine for Time
There will be one person timing the routine and a Superior Judge.

Time the routine until completion of the routine or a skill touches the pads. The Superior Judge will then determine the number of skills completed correctly. If a pass is terminated at any point or skills added to the end, a 2 second per skill not done correctly will be taken. If skills are added to the end of the pass a 2 second per extra skill penalty will be taken. If an athlete hits the pads, a 2 second penalty for the skill that hits the pads will be taken. The lowest possible time is 0, no negative times will be given.

Example 1: a routine is determined to be out of 7 skills, a 2 second penalty will be taken for the 3 skills after the termination point. so 3 times 2 seconds = 6 second penalty off the total time.

Example 2: a athlete hits the pads of skill 6. The clock is stopped when the athlete hits the pads. The Superior Judge determines that the incorrect skill was done on skill 3 so judge out of 2. The time deduction would be 4 x 2 seconds = 8 second penalty.

JumpStart State Testing Procedures

You will need at least one Test Administrator that is on the current list. Only certified test administrators will be allowed to do the testing.

One Category 2 or higher judge for Tumbling and one category 2 or higher judge for Trampoline.

All State Testing must be done on the form provided to the State Chairs in the JumpStart computer program. (See pg 2)

Following testing, the State Chair will enter all the scores into the computer program and e-mail the file to Jeremy. The original testing forms are then mailed to: Crissy LaFollette, 2024 S 75 E, Washington, IN 47501

Testing Skill Sequences and Routines
All skill sequences and routines are tested PASS or FAIL at State Testing. The athletes will be given the same warm-up as National Testing.

PASS Acaa the athlete performs the skill sequence correctly and in the correct position.

FAIL Acaa the athlete performs the skill sequence incorrectly, is unsafe, or not in the position required and as a judge you would not give the skill credit. If an athlete does only part of the skill sequence and not the whole pass, that is a FAILED attempt.

If during a routine the athlete does not complete the pass or routine or the coach has to assist, that would be considered a FAILED attempt.

If the athlete completes the skill sequences for routines successfully during the warm-ups they would pass and not have to do them again.

Routine for Time
The routine for time is not tested at State Testing.

Strength and Flexibility testing
Strength and Flexibility testing is to be done by a certified test administrator. The athletes should be encouraged to do as many successful repetitions as they can. There are not a minimum number of skills to be completed to be invited to National Testing. Once all State Testing results are received and checked, the top athletes from State testing will be invited to National Testing.