June Member Services E-Newsletter
posted on 06/01/2009

Issue: #13 June 1, 2009

A Clean Gym is a Safe Gym

A clean and tidy gym is a sign of pride for clubs. It shows that the club's philosophy puts the health and safety of their clients, from athletes to parents and spectators, as a top priority. Part of demonstrating this priority is establishing a cleaning schedule for mats and other equipment. The National Athletic Trainers' Association suggests that all mats be sanitized daily.

Clubs should follow the cleaning and sanitizing guidelines that come with the mats and equipment to be sure to use cleaners and cleaning techniques that not only sanitize the product but also do not compromise its over-all safety, longevity and warranty.

The following are some examples of suggested cleaners for specific manufacturers:

    Gibson: Gibson Mat Cleaner

    GMR: Mat Miser to clean chalk off mats

    Mancino Manufacturing Company: Any regular household detergent; 1:10 dilution of household bleach; diluted Virex from S.C. Manufacturers claims to kill HIV-1

    Norberts Athletic Products, Inc.: Lysol with water; Automotive hand cleaners for shoe marks

    Resilite: Diluted Kenclean Plus kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi on mats

The following additional supplies should be kept on hand in the event of injuries or occasions involving blood or other bodily fluids:
  • latex disposable gloves
  • rubbing alcohol
  • bleach diluted in a spray bottle with water (1:10 ratio)
  • clean rags and paper towels
  • wet wipes
  • diapers
  • extra clothes for chlidren
Remember that some children may have issues with allergies. It is a good practice to use the most non-toxic cleaning products and practices available that will still provide the level of cleanliness and sanitizing required. Projecting a "green" cleaning routine will also help show your clients that your club not only cares about the health and safety of the children, but also of the community and environment.


Update Contact Information

Attention All USA Gymnastics Members!!

USA Gymnastics is reaching out to all USA Gymnastics members to ensure that we have the correct contact information on file. It is vitally important that USA Gymnastics be notified of changes in your personal and club information.

You may miss important member benefits and updated membership information if your contact information is not up-to-date. Your information can easily be updated on line by following the steps below.

Steps to update individual contact information:

  1. Visit the Member Services page.
  2. Click on the blue membership button located on the left-hand side.
  3. Select your membership type and select the update Personal information.
  4. The username is your member number and the password is your 8 digit date of birth.

Steps to update club contact information:

    1. Visit the Member Services page.
    2. Click on the blue Member Club button located on the left hand side.
    3. Select Update Club Information.
    4. Enter your username (club number) and club password.

    You may also contact Member Services via phone at 800-345-4719 or via email at to update your contact information.

Cleaning the Gym

Update your contact information

2009-2010 Athlete/Introductory Athlete Registration

Keeping Kids Active & Fit

National Gymnastics Day 2009

Safety Matters: New Safety/Risk Management handbook available August 2009


click course title to register

Safety Certification
Jun 9 - Brooklyn, NY
Jun 13 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 14 - Jacksonville, FL
Jun 19 - Portland, OR
Jun 20 - W. Babylon, NY
Jun 24 - Ft. Worth, TX
Jun 27 - Ft. Worth, TX
Jun 27 - Woodward, PA
Jun 28 - Coralville, IA
Jun 28 - Las Cruces, NM
Jul 12 - Huguenot, NY
Jul 18 - Woodward, PA
Jul 30 - Newton, MA
Aug 8 - Woodward, PA
Aug 12 - Dallas, TX
Aug 16 - Dallas, TX
Aug 20 - Santa Clara, CA
Sep 17 - Schaumburg, IL
Oct 8 - Auburn, WA
Oct 22 - Virginia Beach, VA

Preschool Fundamentals Pt. 2: Hands on Training
Jun 13 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 14 - Basking Ridge, NJ
Jun 14 - Tulsa, OK
Jun 14 - Jacksonville, FL
Jun 20 - Crossville, TN
Jun 26 - Ft. Worth, TX
Jun 28 - Coralville, IA
Jul 19 - Lawrenceville, GA
Aug 2 - Newton, MA
Aug 12 - Dallas, TX
Aug 16 - Dallas, TX
Aug 23 - Santa Clara, CA
Aug 28 - Edison, NJ
Aug 29 - Florence, AL
Sep 4 - Austin, TX
Sep 20 - Schaumburg, IL
Oct 11 - Auburn, WA
Oct 22 - Virginia Beach, VA

** ** ** ** **

National Congress and Trade Show
August 13-15, 2009 - Dallas, TX

Regional Congresses
Region 8: Jun 12-14 Jacksonville, FL
Region 4: Jun 26-28 Coralville, IA
Region 6: July 30-Aug 2 Newton, MA
Region 1: Aug 21-23 Santa Clara, CA
Region 5: Sept 18-20 Schaumburg, IL
Region 2: Oct 9-11 Seattle, WA
Region 7: Oct 23-25 Virginia Beach, VA

*please check the schedule online to verify course dates and times
2009-2010 Athlete/Introductory Athlete Registration Now Open!

Online Athlete/Introductory Athlete registration is now available for the 2009-2010 season.

Forms, registration and additional information are also available on the USA Gymnastics website at the following links:

Please note - USA Gymnastics is no longer mailing out application forms to the clubs. All membership application forms and information will be available on the USA Gymnastics website. Online registration will also be available for all member types.

Please see below for a few hints and reminders in order to prepare for the new season.

  • Don't forget to register your athletes online and save $5.00 on each registrant. Visit www.usa-gymnastics.org to get started!
  • Destroy all unused forms from previous seasons. USA Gymnastics is unable to process or register any member application that is submitted on an expired form.
  • Remember that athlete and parent signatures are REQUIRED on the Athlete and Introductory Athlete application form, regardless of age, or if the transaction is completed online.
  • The club is REQUIRED to keep the completed and signed form for all athlete/introductory athlete members on file in your club. Insurance benefits may not be paid out if this form cannot be supplied. You should plan to store the completed forms for a minimum of 7 years. Please consult with your legal council to determine the proper length of time to save and store these membership forms.
  • Athletes Level 4 and above must obtain a Regular ($54) Athlete membership.
  • Athletes that are level 1,2,3, Women's prep-optional and Group Gymnastics levels A&B may obtain an Introductory ($20) membership.
  • Please contact Member Services in order to transfer, upgrade or adjust any member records prior to registering online. Member Services may be contacted at 800-345-4719 or via email at membership@usa-gymnastics.org.
  • Register the athletes as soon as possible so that they can receive a full year of benefits. Remember the new magazine subscription begins with the August/September issue. Parents become very upset when they learn that even though they turned in the form and registration fees to the club in the summer that the club did not register until later in the fall.
Please visit the USA Gymnastics website and watch for Member Services E-Newsletters for the most up to date and current membership information.

We continue to thank you for your support and wish you and your club the most successful 2009-2010 season!

For any questions or concerns please contact:

USA Gymnastics Member Services Department
Phone Hours: Monday 12:30pm-5:30pm eastern daylight savings time
Tuesday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm eastern daylight savings time
1-800-345-4719 toll free


Active Kids are Fit Kids -- Keeping Kids Moving

Sport professionals know the benefits of physical education and fitness for children. The American Council on Exercise reports that the percentage of children and adolescents who are defined as overweight has nearly tripled since the 1970s and that over 10 percent of preschool-aged children are overweight.

The following are links to articles published by the American Council on Exercise about the importance of youth fitness and ways that coaches and instructors can communicate its importance to parents and guardians.

Clubs should also consider signing up for the Tyson Fitness Challenge for resources on how your club can participate in a great fitness program that also helps your community!

National Gymnastics Day -- September 12, 2009

The Tyson Fitness Challenge culminates on the 10th annual National Gymnastics Day, providing the ultimate opportunity to promote the ideals of physical fitness and community service to youth nationwide. Partnering with the Children's Miracle Network (CMN), gymnastics clubs are able to showcase their clubs' talents while raising money for CMN. Remember that when you collect donations for the Children's Miracle Network, the alliance of premier hospitals for children, 100% of the funds will support your local Children's Miracle Network hospital This is your opportunity to show how fitness and fundraising go hand-in-hand!

To get started on participating in National Gymnastics Day, you need to register online at the Tyson Fitness Challenge website to begin your fundraising efforts for CMN.

When making plans for National Gymnastics Day, there are many things that a club can do to celebrate the day. One of these is the annual Cartwheel-A-Thon. The Cartwheel-A-Thon allows gymnasts to obtain pledges from people in the community for the number of cartwheels they can perform on National Gymnastics Day. The proceeds of this event go to CMN. Clubs can also hold various open-house events to showcase their students' talents. These open-houses can include demonstrations, clinics, picnics, a Cartwheel-A-Thon, raffles and various other festivities. Contact local businesses about donating items to raffle!

When planning your event, make sure your participants and observers are glad they came. If doing a Cartwheel-A-Thon, no one wants to just sit there and watch your students have all the fun. Provide refreshments, music, handout balloons, offer face- painting, or anything else that might add excitement to your event. National Gymnastics Day is a celebration of physical fitness and community service, so let's celebrate!

Now that you've registered for the Tyson Fitness Challenge and shared your club's program with others online, it's time to spread the word in your community! Letting others know about the Tyson Fitness Challenge and the Children's Miracle Network will help to increase excitement and support for your club's activities on National Gymnastics Day.

As a registered participant, you have access to a world of promotional resources online. We've provided you with a sample press release, and now's the time to use it. Contact local TV, radio, and newspapers, and let them know why fitness and fundraising go hand in hand. Our talking points are a great tool for you. These will prepare you for interviews and will help you to share your enthusiasm for encouraging healthy eating combined with physical activity among the youth in your community, as well as promoting the spirit of giving to the Children's Miracle Network.

  • Use the sample press release and tell your local media about your plans. This includes sending press releases, and creating newspaper and radio ads. (on the TFC site, click on the administrators login to access the resources section)
  • Be prepared for the media. Review the talking points we have provided, and once it's time for your event, create a good atmosphere for photos, and be hospitable toward them.
  • Create flyers about your plans to post in your gym and around the community.
  • Make sure all your students and their parents know about the plans. If parents and students are excited about National Gymnastics Day, the more successful it will be.
  • After the event, send another press release to the media that did not attend your event. Provide all necessary information about the event (number of people attending, amount of money raised, day, time, activities that were held, quotes and pictures)
  • USA Gymnastics is asking the clubs to obtain proclamations from all 50 states' governors for National Gymnastics Day. You can also send the proclamation information found at our National Gymnastics Day website to get your mayor to proclaim National Gymnastics Day in your town as well! Make sure to fax a copy of the proclamation to USA Gymnastics and we will post it on our website!
  • Take pictures and notes during the day. Statistics such as the number of people in attendance and details about your activities will help you in your plans for next year and other press releases you write. Don't forget to share your photos and memories with USA Gymnastics! Remember to submit stories and photos at a href="mailto:clubservices@usa-gymnastics.org">clubservices@usa-gymnastics.org

For more ideas and information about the Tyson Fitness Challenge and National Gymnastics Day email USA Gymnastics Club Services at clubservices@usa-gymnastics.org.

Safety Matters: New Edition of the Safety/Risk Management Handbook available August 2009

The USA Gymnastics' Safety Certification program begins its 25th year with the publication of this revised handbook, Gymnastics Risk Management, 2009 edition available this August. The contents have been fully reviewed and updated to reflect the key principles of modern safety and risk management. This information is applicable for the sport of gymnastics as well as all activities that may take place in a gymnastics facility. This handbook is designed to educate gymnastics professionals about the wide range of risk management issues related to the sport of gymnastics. Knowledge of gymnastics safety and risk management principles are important to gymnastics professionals at every level of participation, from coaches to gym owners, and from administrators to judges. The safety of the athletes and the management of risk in all gymnastics activities is every professional's responsibility.

USA Gymnastics has been a leader in risk management education. In today's legal environment, professionals and clubs that take proactive measures to educate themselves and their staff as to the importance of managing risk factors for injury and putting safety first demonstrate their commitment to the integrity of the sport of gymnastics. Safety/Risk Management Certification has been a requirement for USA Gymnastics Professional members since August 1, 1998. Re-certification is required every four years. We believe that by requiring our Professional members to be educated and certified in the area of safety and risk management, USA Gymnastics is taking a clear position as to our belief that the highest standards of risk management and injury prevention must be present during all gymnastics activities. The gymnastics professional is the link between the gymnastics program and safe participation by the athlete. The level of professionalism of coaches, judges, and administrators continues to increase as the United States Olympic Committee, International Federations, National Governing Bodies, and other organizations increase attention on accreditation/certification, continuing education programs, training programs, and safety for sport professionals. All of this helps to guarantee the future of sport programs, including gymnastics, and increase the level of safety awareness and vigilance that must be maintained and continually improved.

In compiling the handbook, USA Gymnastics has worked with insurance companies, legal advisors, medical professionals, club owners, coaches, judges, administrators and other interested parties to make certain that the handbook and certification program is current, relevant, and structured to educate gymnastics professionals in ways to prevent injuries and most effectively handle matters if an incident does occur. As such, the handbook is intended primarily as an educational resource. Because different clubs offer a wide variety of programs and services, and because laws differ from state to state, gymnastics professionals and club owners are encouraged to seek additional guidance from local legal counsel and insurance agents to assure that they implement safety procedures appropriately in their place of business.

Continuing education is most important to everyone's growth and development. All things change, including the legal environment, equipment and apparatus, skill techniques and levels of difficulty. USA Gymnastics' Safety and Risk Management Certification program is one of many educational courses that are offered through USA Gymnastics University. We will continue to be diligent with updates and changes as the sport of gymnastics grows and matures. Additional educational opportunities in the topics of safety and risk management, as well as all other aspects of the sport, are available online and at our annual Regional and National Congresses.

USA Gymnastics is a non-for-profit organization which is the sole national governing body (NGB) for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. Our mission is to increase public awareness of, and encourage participation in, all aspects of gymnastics, and to support athletes in their pursuit of competitive excellence.

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