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posted on 05/01/2009

Issue: #12 May 1, 2009

Conducting a Club Evaluation

One of the greatest ways to improve your business is to conduct a formal evaluation. This can be time consuming or even a bit threatening at first, but listening to others can truly make for positive changes in your business. Looking at your business through the customer's eyes can give you valuable information about what their experience and perception of your services are. Understanding your customer's needs, and reviewing their biggest criticisms, can help you make positive changes.

Here are some ideas for conducting an evaluation. Select approximately 20 different individuals including parents and participants representing all the different programs your club offers. It is important to have a variety of perspectives to assure you are evaluating all the facets of your club. Encourage the evaluators to provide constructive criticism and ideas for areas they feel need improvement. Be open to new suggestions and do not quickly dismiss any ideas that are shared during the evaluation process. Some points of interest and areas to evaluate include:

  • General evaluation of the facility
  • Cleanliness
  • Customer service
  • Staff
  • Viewing area
  • Restrooms
  • Pro-shop
  • Overall feeling or culture in the gym
  • Program activities and offerings

You can let the evaluators turn in their evaluation without a name attached to encourage them to give an honest opinion. Consider offering a drawing for a prize as incentive for evaluators to return their surveys with their names so you can follow up with any additional questions. Little changes on your part can help you develop a relationship with customers that keep them coming back again and again. With summer programs coming up, try to show that you are continually changing and updating your business and that you respond to customers needs.

These suggestions are great for your business but can also be applied to personal evaluations. Take the time to reflect on your own work and behaviors. Ask your owner, mentor, and colleagues for honest feedback. Be open to feedback and actively try to make changes and improvements.

Content provided by:
Linda Thorberg and Brant Lutska
USA Gymnastics National Instructors
Flipping Education


Update Contact Information

Attention All USA Gymnastics Members!!

USA Gymnastics is reaching out to all USA Gymnastics members to ensure that we have the correct contact information on file. It is vitally important that USA Gymnastics be notified of changes in your personal and club information.

You may miss important member benefits and updated membership information if your contact information is not up-to-date. Your information can easily be updated on line by following the steps below.

Steps to update individual contact information:

  1. Visit the Member Services page.
  2. Click on the blue membership button located on the left-hand side.
  3. Select your membership type and select the update Personal information.
  4. The username is your member number and the password is your 8 digit date of birth.

Steps to update club contact information:

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    You may also contact Member Services via phone at 800-345-4719 or via email at to update your contact information.

Conducting a Club Evaluation

Update your contact information

National Congress Early Bird Registration Ends May 15th

2009 CORE Workshop

Club Email Scam Alert!

Safety Matters: Online Sport Injury Resource


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Safety Certification
Jun 13 - Tulsa, OK
Jun 13 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 14 - Jacksonville, FL
Jun 20 - W. Babylon, NY
Jun 25 - Coralville, IA
Jun 27 - Woodward, PA
Jul 12 - Huguenot, NY
Jul 18 - Woodward, PA
Jul 30 - Newton, MA
Aug 8 - Woodward, PA
Aug 12 - Dallas, TX
Aug 16 - Dallas, TX
Aug 20 - Santa Clara, CA
Sep 17 - Schaumburg, IL
Oct 8 - Auburn, WA
Oct 22 - Virginia Beach, VA

Preschool Fundamentals Pt. 2: Hands on Training
May 3 - Puyallup, WA
Jun 13 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 14 - Basking Ridge, NJ
Jun 14 - Tulsa, OK
Jun 14 - Jacksonville, FL
Jun 20 - Crossville, TN
Jun 28 - Coralville, IA
Aug 2 - Newton, MA
Aug 12 - Dallas, TX
Aug 16 - Dallas, TX
Aug 23 - Santa Clara, CA
Aug 28 - Edison, NJ
Aug 29 - Florence, AL
Sep 20 - Schaumburg, IL
Oct 11 - Auburn, WA
Oct 22 - Virginia Beach, VA

** ** ** ** **

CORE Workshop
August 21-23, 2009
Burlington, MA

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National Congress and Trade Show
August 13-15, 2009 - Dallas, TX

Regional Congresses
Region 8: Jun 12-14 Jacksonville, FL
Region 4: Jun 26-28 Coralville, IA
Region 6: July 30-Aug 2 Newton, MA
Region 1: Aug 21-23 Santa Clara, CA
Region 5: Sept 18-20 Schaumburg, IL
Region 2: Oct 9-11 Seattle, WA
Region 7: Oct 23-25 Virginia Beach, VA

*please check the schedule online to verify course dates and times
National Congress Early Bird Registration Ends May 15th

The National Congress Early Bird registration offer of $199 ends May 15th!

Be sure to register today to get your discount. Register online at the USA Gymnastics National Congress website or download a registration form. Member Club group registration discounts are also available.

All Early Bird registrations submitted by mail or fax must be postmarked by May 15, 2009 to receive the discount.

This year's National Congress and Tradeshow will feature over 170 sessions with nationally recognized speakers and industry leaders. Sessions will include a variety of educational topics designed to help gymnastics professionals and clubs implement better programs, focus on customer service and run their businesses more effectively.

Brant Lutska and Linda Thorberg will present topics of interest to preschool and recreational gymnastics instructors, coaches and club owners and administrators who want to enhance their club's current recreational programs.

Frank Sahlein will present a number of sessions focusing on the gymnastics club as a business, with topics such as front office management, business leadership and smart finances.

Tom Koll will share his expertise regarding women's gymnastics programs and recreational gymnastics programs.

These are just a few of the speakers who will present during this year's National Congress. More information, including a complete schedule of speakers and topics, will be available in the coming weeks. Visit the National Congress and Trade Show web site for all the most current information.

The annual National and Regional Congresses are the premiere educational events USA Gymnastics offers to its members. We want to help gymnastics professionals to seek professional and personal development in the sport and in sports business. Remember that expenses related to individual professional and business development may be tax deductible. Talk with your CPA or other finance professional about which of your expenses may be tax deductible.


CORE Workshop -- August 21-23, 2009 -- Burlington, Mass.

The CORE Workshop is a collection of educational sessions geared towards the core of gymnastics businesses -- recreational and preschool programs and front office, business and leadership topics.

This multiple-day workshop series will be held bi-annually in locations across the country. The upcoming CORE Workshop will be held August 21-23, 2009 in Burlington, Massachusetts.

USA Gymnastics will debut our new recreational curriculum, GymFun, and present business sessions on club finances and effective management models. Additional information will be available at the USA Gymnastics website mid-May.

New 2009 Member Club Marketing Kits!

Member Clubs will begin receiving the 2009 Member Club marketing kit soon. Check out the items in this year's kit!

  • Online marketing guide that has a section on social marketing and how your gym can ride the new wave of free advertising on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
  • New Safety DVD for the coaches, parents and athletes with great handouts, testimonials and safety in the gym presentations by Shannon Miller, David Durante and John Macready.
  • Safety poster on efficient, safe and professional duties.
  • Begin Here poster to direct parents to the Begin Here, Go Anywhere web site to see the benefits that gymnastics offers their children.
  • Free national marketing campaign materials. Visit the Begin Here Go Anywhere web site to download and start using them today.
  • National Gymnastics Day poster Tyson Fitness Challenge information. This year you need to sign up online at the Tyson Fitness Challenge web site to receive this free kit..

If your club is not a Member Club of USA Gymnastics and you would like to become a member to receive all the benefits, visit the Member Club membership page at our web site.

For more information on National Gymnastics Day, the Tyson Fitness Challenge or the Member Club program, contact Loree Galimore at 317-829-5654 or

Club Email Scam Alert!

It has come to the attention of USA Gymnastics that there is a scam email being circulated to gymnastics clubs.

The email comes from the email address: bhbritishhighcommission @ gmail . com

Please do not reply to or communicate with this individual. USA Gymnastics clubs have notified us that they have had unsuccessful and disappointing interactions with this person. We believe this to be a scam and urge clubs to exercise caution.

The following is an example of the email that is sent. Please keep in mind that there may be different versions of the email and that the same type of scam email may come from different email addresses and with different names, addresses, and times. USA Gymnastics encourages you to be vigilant in protecting your business from these types of scams. Some warning signs to watch for are typos and grammatical errors, prearranged travel schedules, and requests for or offers of pre-payment for services.

"Good day,

I hope this e-mail meets you in good health and spirits
I am Frank Donald. A supervisor of Athletics in United Kingdom. I want to book space for a group .There are 10 in number and will be coming for a fitness Leeson in your center.


As i do not know what kind of gymnastic Lesson my group will want to choose for them self so i will make a pre-payment of GBP 850 POUNDS as initial deposit for this booking via credit card once availability is confirmed by you.

All checks and balances will be made with you on 15 May 2009 which is the final day of the booking.

For more information, please call me to discuss to discuss further as we don't have much time with us.

Thank you for your kind help in advance.

Kind Regards,
Frank Donald
60, Rumford Rd,
E15 4BZ , London,
United Kingdom."

Safety Matters: Online Sport Injury Resources

It is the goal of the USA Gymnastics Safety Matters campaign to raise awareness about the importance of safety and risk management in the sport of gymnastics and provide tools to help gymnastics professional be better prepared. While the majority of our focus is on injury prevention, it is also important to address other areas. Part of an effective safety and risk management program is the proper care and rehabilitation of sports injuries with an aim towards minimizing re-injury and returning the athlete safely to participation. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education has compiled a useful list of definitions and treatment guidelines for common sport injuries. USA Gymnastics is pleased to offer a link to this comprehensive educational resource. Individuals are advised that this information is being offered as a resource only and encouraged to seek professional medical treatment and care in the event of injury. The following is an introduction to the project and its purpose.

"National Council of Athletic Training (NCAT), a sport council of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), is proud to provide a general resource on a variety of common injuries that may occur while participating in sports or physical activities. This information has been compiled by Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) who are trained and certified in the field of injury care, prevention and management. The general sport injury information provided is directed towards parents and coaches involved with youth sports and physical activity programs, some of which may not have access to qualified medical personnel. The Sport Injury Resource is a source of information, and by no means is a substitute for proper medical care. It is always prudent to consult an appropriate health care provider when in doubt of any injury. We hope you find this resource a useful supplement to basic care and prevention of sport injuries."


NASPE/NCAT Sport Injury Resource


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