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Statement from USA Gymnastics regarding impact of the potential H1N1 virus pandemic
posted on 04/30/2009

Several USA Gymnastics disciplines are hosting regional and national events during the next few weeks, and questions have been raised regarding the staging those events. USA Gymnastics is monitoring the current state of the potential H1N1 virus (swine flu) pandemic along with the rest of the country. At this time, we are not recommending the cancellation of any events. The decision to cancel or reschedule an event should be in accordance with directives issued by the appropriate government agencies.

We ask that everyone make prudent decisions regarding their participation in events. .Our athletes, coaches, event organizers and officials have been working hard to achieve excellence in our sport and participate in the season’s culminating events. If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, please consult your physician and refrain from attending an event. As President Obama mentioned yesterday, everyone needs to take reasonable precautions -- such as frequent hand washing, covering a cough, etc. -- and follow proper personal hygiene to prevent spreading any contagions. This is a time for all concerned to use common sense in the decisions they make.

USA Gymnastics will continue to monitor the situation, which is changing daily. At times like these, the local authorities and appropriate governmental agencies are the best source for accurate information to assist in making decisions about the best course of action.

For more information about the H1N1 virus, visit For the latest local information about the H1N1 virus, including Home Care Guide instructions and checklist for preparing for an influenza emergency, visit your local Public Health Department website or call the Public Health Department Information Line.

Posted 4/30/09