April Member Services E-Newsletter
posted on 04/01/2009

Issue: #11 April 1, 2009

Disney + Gymnastics = Winning Combination

How many of you have been to a Disney theme park, watched a Disney movie or cartoon, or purchased Disney products? Then you know what Disney is known for. Maybe you are saying Mickey Mouse or another character. Maybe you said the Walt Disney World Park and Resorts. Those are true, but what Disney is best known for is exceptional leadership, top notch management, quality products and customer service, and brand loyalty. These are also areas that are key to the success of any business including gymnastics clubs.

What are some other similarities between Disney and your gymnastics business?

  • Both have employees
  • Both serve children and their families
  • Both provide customer service
  • Both face real competition in the market place
  • Both feel impacts of the economy
  • Both are in business to make a profit

Okay, we're similar, so where is this heading? To the Annual Business Conference! The Disney Institute will present two keynote addresses at the National Business Conference. Don't miss your chance to learn from a global corporate leader. Discover Disney's secrets to success and industry benchmarks in these key business areas - leadership, people management, customer service, and loyalty. Experience the "Business Behind the Magic."

USA Gymnastics Annual Business Conference in conjunction with National Congress & Visa Championships

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
8:00am - 5:00pm
Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, TX

Early bird registration deals now available through May 15th - see the National Congress Add-on Course Form for pricing and other info.


Update your contact information

Attention All USA Gymnastics Members!!

USA Gymnastics is reaching out to all USA Gymnastics members to ensure that we have the correct contact information on file. It is vitally important that USA Gymnastics be notified of changes in your personal and club information.

You may miss important member benefits and updated membership information if your contact information is not up-to-date. Your information can easily be updated on line by following the steps below.

Steps to update individual contact information:

  1. Visit the Member Services page.
  2. Click on the blue membership button located on the left-hand side.
  3. Select your membership type and select the update Personal information.
  4. The username is your member number and the password is your 8 digit date of birth.

Steps to update club contact information:

    1. Visit the Member Services page.
    2. Click on the blue Member Club button located on the left hand side.
    3. Select Update Club Information.
    4. Enter your username (club number) and club password.

    You may also contact Member Services via phone at 800-345-4719 or via email at to update your contact information.

Disney + Gymnastics = Winning Combination

Update your contact information

Mandatory Background Check Requirement for Introductory Coaches

2009 Regional Congresses

New 2009 Member Club Marketing Kits

Facility Education & Record Keeping


click course title to register

Safety Certification
Apr 11 - Hilliard, OH
Apr 25 - Wheaton, IL
Jun 13 - Tulsa, OK
Jun 13 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 14 - Jacksonville, FL
Jun 25 - Coralville, IA
Jul 30 - Newton, MA
Aug 12 - Dallas, TX
Aug 16 - Dallas, TX
Aug 20 - Santa Clara, CA
Sep 17 - Schaumburg, IL
Oct 8 - Auburn, WA
Oct 22 - Virginia Beach, VA

Preschool Fundamentals Pt. 2: Hands on Training
Apr 19 - San Jose, CA
May 3 - Puyallup, WA
Jun 13 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 14 - Tulsa, OK
Jun 14 - Jacksonville, FL
Jun 28 - Coralville, IA
Aug 2 - Newton, MA
Aug 12 - Dallas, TX
Aug 16 - Dallas, TX
Aug 23 - Santa Clara, CA
Aug 28 - Edison, NJ
Sep 20 - Schaumburg, IL
Oct 11 - Auburn, WA
Oct 22 - Virginia Beach, VA

** ** ** ** **

National Congress and Trade Show
August 13-15, 2009 - Dallas, TX

Regional Congresses
Region 8: Jun 12-14 Jacksonville, FL
Region 4: Jun 26-28 Coralville, IA
Region 6: July 30-Aug 2 Newton, MA
Region 1: Aug 21-23 Santa Clara, CA
Region 5: Sept 18-20 Schaumburg, IL
Region 2: Oct 9-11 Seattle, WA
Region 7: Oct 23-25 Virginia Beach, VA

*please check the schedule online to verify course dates and times
Mandatory Background Check Requirement for Introductory Coaches

In keeping with the standards set by the United States Olympic Committee, as well as many youth sports organizations, schools and recreational programs in America today, USA Gymnastics has implemented a background screening process to help ensure a safe and secure environment for our members and additional gymnastics participants. Mandatory background check screening began December 1st, 2007 for all USA Gymnastics Professional members. USA Gymnastics has now extended this requirement to include all Introductory Coach members.

Beginning August 1st, 2009 all new/lapsed/expired Introductory Coach members will be required to complete a background check. Therefore, if your Introductory Coach membership is new or already expired as of August 1st, 2009 the membership will be placed in a pending status until the background check is completed. Pending members will not be allowed access to the floor of any USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. After August 1st, all Introductory Coaches must complete a background check prior to their next renewal date to avoid a disruption of member benefits. USA Gymnastics has a working partnership with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) through which we engage in a comprehensive background check screening program.

Please visit the Member Services page to inquire more information as well as register for the mandatory background check requirement.

Please note: USA Gymnastics and/or NCSI is unable to provide any waivers/passes/releases to any Professional or Introductory Coach member who is in a pending status due to a missing background check requirement. So please don't delay, take your background check today!!


When do I have to have my background check completed?
Introductory Coach Membership Expires
Background check must be completed by
08/31/2009-08/31/2010 08/31/2009
09/30/2009-09/30/2010 09/30/2009
10/31/2009-10/31/2010 10/31/2009
11/30/2009-11/30/2010 11/30/2009
12/31/2009-12/31/2010 12/31/2009
01/31/2010-01/31/2011 01/31/2010
02/28/2010-02/28/2011 02/28/2010
03/31/2010-03/31/2011 03/31/2010
04/30/2010-04/30/2011 04/30/2010
05/31/2010-05/31/2011 05/31/2010
06/30/2010-06/30/2011 06/30/2010
07/31/2010-07/31/2011 07/31/2010

Additional background Check information is also available HERE.



2009 Regional Congresses

You are invited to take part in this regional educational event where gymnastics professionals will gather to:

  1. Hear nationally and regionally recognized speakers on a variety of gymnastics topics
  2. Attend additional pre and/or post conference educational courses
  3. Update and expand their knowledge base
  4. Hear insights and best practices on appealing to today's kids and parents
  5. Network with other coaches, judges and club owners/directors
  6. Earn up to 15 continuing education credits toward USA Gymnastics University Certification
  7. Visit gymnastics industry suppliers at the Exhibit Hall
  8. Be a part of a great regional education event for the sport of gymnastics!

Regional Congresses

Region 1 (Men Reg. 1)
August 21-23 - Santa Clara, CA - Marriott Santa Clara

Region 2 (Men Reg. 2)
October 9-11 - Seattle, WA - Auburn Gymnastics

Region 3 (Men Reg. 3 & 9) - Hosting 2009 National Congress & 2009 Visa Championships
August 13-15 - Dallas, TX

Region 4 (Men Reg. 4)
June 26-28 - Coralville, IA - Coralville Marriott Hotel

Region 5 (Men Reg. 5)
September 18-20 - Schaumburg, IL - Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel

Region 6 (Men Reg. 6)
July 30-August 2 - Newton, MA - Newton Marriott

Region 7 (Men Reg. 7)
October 23-25 - Virginia Beach, VA - Double Tree Hotel

Region 8 (Men Reg. 8)
June 12-14 - Jacksonville, FL - Omni Jacksonville Hotel


| Regional Congress Info and Registration |


New 2009 Member Club Marketing Kits!

The 2009 Member Club Marketing Kits are here! This year's kit features some old favorites including customizable television and radio ads, posters for your gym, along with some new components like a new safety DVD.

Titled "Safety & Training in the Gym," this DVD is a great addition to the member club marketing kit. It can be used as an educational piece for you and your staff, or as a visual piece to present in your gym lobby. Olympians Shannon Miller, John Macready, 2007 National Champion David Durante, and American Gladiator Beth Horn take you through various sections of the video highlighting useful information for clubs, parents, and athletes.

The club section of the DVD includes:

  • A gymnastics highlight reel to show in your lobby
  • Testimonials from former gymnasts
  • Safety orientation videos for staff, athletes, and visitors
  • Previews of commercials that can be customized for your gym

The parent benefits on the DVD include:

  • A short video highlighting the 8 benefits of safe gymnastics participation
  • A parental support section suggesting ways that parents can support their children in athletic participation
  • Testimonials from former gymnasts sharing their experiences with gymnastics

The athlete benefits incorporate:

  • Safety orientation sections to be used to educate and remind athletes of their safety responsibilities in the gym.
  • Special event orientation to use for guests using the gym for field trips, birthday parties, or open gym sessions

USA Gymnastics is very excited to provide this video to its member clubs and promote gym safety across the country. If you are not a member club become one today and take advantage of the over $900 worth of benefits for only $160! Click here to sign up!

Safety Matters: Facility Safety Education & Record Keeping


Facilities often present idiosyncrasies in design and use. All staff members should be aware of the potential hazards that are present in their area of involvement. Hazards can include anything from traffic flow problems, worn or defective equipment, or water on the floor. Each staff member should identify facility hazards that arise and notify the owner/manager. Staff members should be trained in the use of all apparatus and equipment in their area, and perhaps most importantly, be able to identify facility, apparatus, and equipment problems.


Written records of staff meetings and educational experiences should be maintained. A binder, file, or notebook is a helpful tool to keep track of annual administrative needs such as meeting agendas and notes, memos, correspondence, etc. Keep a separate section for general information, meetings, preschool, recreational, team, cheerleading, booster group, and other divisions of your business. The file should be kept in the main office and service two important purposes: (1) documentation for future reference and (2) communication between programs, office staff, employees, and customers.

Look for this information and much more in the new Safety Certification and Risk Management course and handbook coming soon.

USA Gymnastics is a non-for-profit organization which is the sole national governing body (NGB) for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. Our mission is to increase public awareness of, and encourage participation in, all aspects of gymnastics, and to support athletes in their pursuit of competitive excellence.

Tell us what you think! We'd like to hear from you about what information you'd like to see in Member News. Contact us by clicking here.

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