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2022 Stars & Stripes Auxiliary Activity: JumpStart Tester Certification
posted on 07/13/2022

This training will introduce you to the JumpStart Testing program. Attendance at this training will certify you as a JumpStart tester for your State.

Who Can Be a Tester?
All you need to do is have a current T&T Coach or Judge membership, have taken the T210 (the 2022-2023 version will be released in early September), and attend a Jumpstart Testing workshop.
Testers will be paid a minimum of $12 per hour to conduct JumpStart Testing.

Time: 2:30pm-4:00pm, Saturday July 23 (during training day at Stars & Stripes).
Location: Phoenix Convention Center room 167.
Presenter: Chelsea Rainer (T&T Elite Committee Chair, DMT National Coordinator)