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Elite Mobility Proposed Changes - Open Feedback Period
posted on 07/28/2022

The Elite Committee has published a proposed new Elite Mobility process for integration into the USAG T&T system from August 2022. The new system will be a two-fold process with the first part able to be completed within the current competition structure, and the second part submitted virtually. This will eliminate the need for athletes to travel to special elite mobility competitions for their chance to mobilize:

  • Step 1. Athletes demonstrate proficiency in the previous level.
    Fulfilled through qualifying to USA Gymnastics Championships per the qualification process outlined in the R&P.
  • Step 2. Submission of required skill / pass performed with proficiency.
    Fulfilled through virtual submission of drills / skills / passes/ sequences designated by the Elite Committee per discipline.
  • Step 3. Apply for mobility using mobility form.
There are several reasons for this change:
  1. To be responsive to feedback that the current system is prohibitively expensive, time-consuming, and difficult for event organizers.
  2. To reduce cost to participants, both through a reduced participation cost and through reducing the risk of multi-day trips where an athlete has one chance to reach mobility and may not do so.
  3. To reduce pull on event organizers to provide full mobility panels, especially where there are multiple meets held in a short timeframe.
  4. To reduce pull on a finite set of highly-ranked judges.
  5. To utilize virtual processes and resources developed during the pandemic.
  6. To add a focus on developing key developmental skills and performing these safely and proficiently.
You can find full information on the proposed process on the USAG website. The Elite Committee also hosted a round table on zoom to introduce the proposed new elite mobility process and answer questions about it. To watch the recording, click here.

The Elite Committee is inviting feedback from the T&T community on the proposed new elite mobility process. Please submit this feedback to Elite Committee Chair Chelsea Rainer by Friday August 12. The PC are requesting any thoughts on the process as a whole, as well as any specific areas within the proposal.