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Double-dipping Regulation
posted on 03/04/2009

Updated March 4, 2009


Since posting the DD Regulation at the end of February, I have received many comments from coaches and club owners. These discussions have been very helpful in understanding the ways in which clubs are currently sing DDS, and their wide-ranging opinions regarding the utility of permitting this kind of squad mobility.

Based upon my discussions, and in consideration of the affect of the previous ruling on some squads that would be affected by this ruling in the middle of this season, I have made the adjustments as indicated below.

Please note: Prior to the beginning of the 2010 season, the GFA TeamGym Committee will re-address this situation and make a new ruling. There appears to be some consensus building that for Levels 3-8, DDs would not be generally approved. The clubs would have the ability to submit a written petition to the TeamGym Committee if they believed that they had a compelling reason to utilize DDs. Additionally, there would be a procedure to receive a waiver for a particular and unusual circumstance such as an injury to a current squad member. I welcome WRITTEN opinions in this regard. You can email me a

III. Participant Regulations - Updated March 4, 2009

    B. "Double-dips" - i.e., athletes participating in more than one squad for the 2009 season.
      For Levels 1 and 2
      Whereas Levels 1 and 2 are based on the squads achieving set levels of scoring instead of a ranking between squads, it is permissible for any number of AcaAdouble-dippersAcaA are permitted at these Levels.

      For Levels 3-8
      The number of "double-dippers" joining a squad from a squad of the same or different Level MUST be limited to the numbers as listed in the table below.

      Squad size
      # of double dippers permitted

      It is the responsibility of the competition Meet Director to check the entry forms to determine if any squads have submitted registrations for an excess number of double-dippers and then inform the coach or Group Leader that they will need to readjust their registration list. On the day of the competition, the Meet Director will again verify that none of the squads are using an excess number of double dippers. If coach decides to continue to use the excess number(s), the Meet Director will so inform the Head Judge to make the appropriate deduction to the squad's final team score.

      SQUAD competing utilizing an excess number of double-dippers: -0.5 taken from the final team total score

      Special Circumstances
      If, for whatever reason, a coach believes that a particular squad has a particular special circumstance for variance in the above rules, they may petition Steve Whitlock for consideration and a ruling. Email:; Phone 317-829-5636

      Mixed Gender Squads
      NOTE: These regulations do NOT apply to the "Mixed Gender" grouping if this grouping is competed as a separate category.