February Member Services E-Newsletter
posted on 02/03/2009

Issue: #9 February 3, 2009

Developing Lesson Plans

Lesson planning is a key responsibility of instructors and coaches. Lesson plans are helpful for preschool classes, recreational classes, and team practices. Why are lesson plans so important?
  1. Lesson plans allow the instructor/coach to be organized and prepared for each class. This leads to better class management, fewer behavior problems, and a better learning environment for the athletes.
  2. Lesson plans help to establish accountability for a program. Lesson plans provide a record of activity that takes place in each class.
  3. Lesson plans provide evidence of progressions that were followed as well as appropriate physical preparation for more advanced skills. This serves as a safety consideration in case a child becomes injured.
  4. A complete lesson plan serves as a guide for substitute instructors/coaches.
Here are a few tips for developing your own lesson plans:
  • Coordinate lesson plans with the gymnastics club's philosophy and mission statement, objectives of the recreational class program, and the curriculum.
  • Include safety considerations such as skill progressions, safe landing position, and safety rolls.
  • Use skill progressions and stations to keep athletes busy and provide safe challenges. Skill progressions should work towards the main skills for the session.
  • Help develop the athletes' fitness by including activities for strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and other aspects.
  • Do a warm-up at the beginning and allow time for strength and stretching at the end.
  • Have fun! Games and other activities that provide participants with lots of turns are fun for the athletes, while continuously building skills.
  • Prepare your lesson plan prior to class!!! And learn to adapt your lesson plan if needed.

Lesson plans are guides to an end product. They can help instructors, coaches, and athletes progress towards the performance of gymnastics skills.


Feature: Developing Lesson Plans

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Recommendations for Teaching

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Establishing a Safety Culture


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Safety Certification
Feb 28 - San Jose, Calif.
Feb 28 - Hilliard, Ohio

Preschool Fundamentals Pt. 2: Hands on Training
Feb 21 - Seattle, Wash.

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National Congress and Trade Show
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Recommendations for Teaching

By Linda Thorberg and Brant Lutska, USA Gymnastics National Preschool Fundamentals Instructors

(For more information, take the Preschool Fundamentals course or review the KAT and MELPD Workbooks, available from USA Gymnastics.)

Here are some brief reminders for successful classes:

Brief Instructions - Young children cannot pay attention to long speeches or technical information. Keep it brief. Script the explanation for new teachers to avoid too many words. Tell-Show-Do is the best way for success. Say it, demonstrate it, and let them get at it!

One thing to do at each station - Keep activities simple and obvious. Avoid activities that need to be reset. It may take more time to reset the activity than to do it.

Immediate, brief, congruent feedback - Talk constantly: young children need individualized feedback. Try to specify exactly what was good, "Nice, high leg on that kick!"

Positive feedback/modeling appropriate behavior - Emphasize corrective feedback as opposed to fault-finding. Acknowledge desirable behaviors and selectively ignore misbehaviors (as long as they are not posing a safety risk to the child or others).

Maintain a positive attitude - Teachers must be actors. The students will mirror your attitude.

These are easy reminders for staff that can keep classes running smoothly!

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Safety Matters: Establishing a Safety Culture

Culture is a reflection of the tone and character of a place and its people. It speaks to the purpose of the environment and the expectations placed on the people in that environment. It is gymnastics professionals who create their gym's culture. In gymnastics, our first priority should be safety. As such, developing a safety culture in your gym can create a foundation from which participants will derive confidence and more fully enjoy gymnastics and its benefits.

Establishing a safety culture involves:

  • Regular & clear communication with staff, athletes, and parents.
  • Demonstrated behavior (especially from leaders and others in influential positions) in line with safety.
  • Placing safety at the core of every activity.
  • Emphasizing the importance of risk management.
  • Creating an enthusiastic, informative and supportive environment for participants.

USA Gymnastics has established guidelines for the type of culture that should be present in gymnastics training and competition via the USA Gymnastics Code of Ethics. All USA Gymnastics members should be familiar with the Code of Ethics and consider it a resource as you work to develop a stronger culture of safety and professionalism in your gym.


SAFETY MATTERS is a new educational campaign by USA Gymnastics. The campaign aims to increase the emphasis placed on safety in the gymnastics setting. Safety should always remain in the forefront and SAFETY MATTERS will provide a platform to provide additional education, resources, reminders, tips, and more. SAFETY MATTERS will become a regular part of this e-newsletter as well as other publications, and the USA Gymnastics website.

USA Gymnastics is a non-for-profit organization which is the sole national governing body (NGB) for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. Our mission is to increase public awareness of, and encourage participation in, all aspects of gymnastics, and to support athletes in their pursuit of competitive excellence.

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