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Acrobatic Gymnastics Technical Update - February 2021
posted on 02/17/2021
  • Individual Elements Level 2-4: The value of individual elements for levels 2-4 will now be 1.0 per element, instead of 0.4 per element. This will now match the erratum rule changes for individual elements level 5+.
  • Level 2-5 Compulsory Choreography: The CJP deduction of −1.0 will NOT be applied for no attempt at choreography. Performance of choreography is optional at level 2-5.
  • Level 6 MP: B2 skill description changed to "Base holds tops hands and assists top to shoulder stand. 3" hold."
  • Level 6 MxP: B4 can now be performed in tuck position in addition to the pike or straddle options.
  • Level 7 WP: 3B arch option – Base may support top's hips, waist, lower back, and/or buttocks for credit. NO credit if base supports top's legs. (Same as Level 7 WP 1B Arch position)
  • Level 8 WG: Dynamic 4B can now be performed in layout in addition to the tuck or pike options.
  • 11-16 Dynamic Dismount Clarification: 11-16 dynamic routines may contain a maximum of 2 compulsory dismounts for difficulty credit. There can be a maximum of 3 dismounts total.
    • 2 compulsory skill dismounts + 1 optional skill dismount = OK
    • 1 compulsory skill dismount + 2 optional skill dismounts = OK
Dylan Maurer
National Development Committee Chair
USA Gymnastics, Acrobatics Program

Holly King
National Technical Committee Chair
USA Gymnastics, Acrobatics Program