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National Membership Director Election Notice
posted on 02/01/2021

Voting is now open to elect the National Membership Director on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors.

The purpose of the National Membership Director is to serve as the non-athlete member representative to the Board of the Directors.

The nominees for this position are chosen by members of the USA Gymnastics Programs Council. The Programs Council is a 17-member advisory council to the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. The Council considers and offers perspectives on matters relating to all USA Gymnastics' disciplines, and the development of best practices, uniform criteria, and guidelines for program administration.

USA Gymnastics professional membership is the voting body that elects Programs Council members and the National Membership Director.

The National Membership Director nominees are: Kittia Carpenter and Scott Lineberry.

Click here to learn more about the candidates and to cast your vote. All active professional members in good standing are eligible to vote. The election will remain open until 11:59p.m. EST, on Friday, February 12, 2021.

Click here to learn more about the updated USA Gymnastics Bylaws and Board structure in response to the Empowering Olympic, Paralympic and Amateur Athletes Act of 2020.