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USA Gymnastics Event Sanction Reminders & Updates
posted on 01/20/2021

Responsibility to Comply with Local Government Guidelines:
USA Gymnastics understands and respects the want and the need to return to competition. However, as a community we must remain vigilant in our responsibility to ensuring that all participants at USA Gymnastics sanctioned events are experiencing the safest environment possible.

Here are a few reminders of the applicable rules for hosting an event:

  • Meet directors and clubs are allowed to host sanctioned events (live or virtual), only if the event can be conducted in a manner that is permitted by, and in compliance with, their local government guidelines.
  • It is the responsibility of the Meet Director to be informed and to stay aware of their local ordinances.
  • Meet directors MUST be prepared to alter sanctioned event plans should local guidance change.
Recently, the organization has begun to receive reports that a few meet directors may be attempting to continue to host sanctioned events against local government guidelines. When a report is received:
  • USA Gymnastics does and will follow up on any report received.
  • When necessary, we will require the modification, postponement and/or cancellation of any event that cannot demonstrate it is in compliance with both local ordinances and is being conducted in a safe manner for all participants.
  • If the meet director fails to comply, it will result in the revocation of the sanction, which will result in the loss of sanction insurance coverages and benefits and disqualification of scores, and the possibility of other punitive action such as fines and loss of sanction privileges.
We recognize that meet directors are encountering a considerable number of challenges in producing and conducting events and are thankful for all meet directors do to keep participants safe during this unique competitive season.

Meet Directors Have the Authority:
Meet directors have the authority enforce and require measures that will provide participates a safe event environment. Specifically, meet directors have the authority to:
  • remove and/or disqualify any participants; clubs, coaches, athletes, judges, other sanctioned event staff and spectators who fail or refuse to comply with local ordinances, such as non-compliance of facial covering and/or social distancing mandates.
  • eliminate and/or reduce the number of spectators in order to maintain the appropriate social distancing protocol. Meet directors are expected to communicate all restrictions clearly to all parents/guardians and are encouraged to seek creative solutions for parental viewing to comply with Safe Sport requirements such as: allowing one person from each club to live stream their athletes on a private club page and/or live streaming the entire event using a third-party vendor.
  • require the use of a facial covering and social distancing protocols throughout the duration of a USA Gymnastics Sanctioned event, even in the absence of such mandates in the state or local area. Meet Directors should clearly communicate the required facial covering and social distancing protocols in both pre-event and on-site communication. USA Gymnastics recommends and highly encourages to the use of facial coverings. Click here to view the Return to Competition Guidelines for other event considerations. USA Gymnastics has also developed signage and flyers that may help meet directors with on-site communication for face coverings and social distancing. Click here to view.
Commitment to a Meaningful Season
USA Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe and meaningful season.

Since the start of this pandemic, USA Gymnastics has aimed to provide support to the community. We introduced virtual sanctioning as an alternative way to compete when in-person events are not an option. We have also developed a variety of resource tools, such as the Club Re-Opening, Return to Training, and Return to Competition Guidelines. These publications are intended to help guide the community to safely engage in the sport. The resources are available here, and we encourage frequent review of these materials.

We also empathize with community members who are struggling to conduct business and with athletes who are unable to train and compete due to personal safety concerns and Covid-19 mitigation protocols in their area. We respect the frustration of watching others continue to compete and advance in the sport, while others are left uncertain as to when they will be able to participate this season. And we hear the plea of some who are asking USA Gymnastics to limit the opportunity of all athletes due to this uncertainty.

The pandemic and its impacts are unfair. However, the reality is that over 80% of the gymnastics community is currently able to train and compete, and we simply cannot limit their ability due to unfortunate limitations others are experiencing.

USA Gymnastics strives to support the entire community and believes the policies and procedures that have been developed, are in alignment with our commitment to safety, as well as our commitment to providing as meaningful a season as possible.

Community members should email for any questions or concerns related to USA Gymnastics Sanctioned events.