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Athletes' Council call for expressions of interest for Women's Artistic Gymnastics athlete director on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors
posted on 01/11/2021

According to the newly passed USOPC Bylaws and USA Gymnastics Bylaws, all committees must have 33% athlete representation. These new Bylaws also affect the composition of the Board of Directors to reflect the increase in athlete representation. The Board make-up has a majority of unaffiliated directors: eight unaffiliated directors; five athlete directors (the USOPC Athlete Advisory Council representative, the USOPC Athlete Advisory Council alternate representative, one each for the disciplines with the highest and second highest athlete memberships; one representing the remaining disciplines, combined); one national membership director and one affiliated organizations director. With the adoption of the new Board structure, the Athletes' Council's call for expressions of interest for an athlete director representing Women's Artistic Gymnastics on the Board is now open and closes January 18, 2021.

Below is a brief snapshot of the election, selection, criteria and timeline for the determination of athlete directors.

Athlete Director Criteria and Authority

  1. General criteria
    • At least (3) of the athlete directors will be 10 Year Athlete Representatives. The remaining two (2) athlete directors may be either 10 Year or 10 Year+ Athlete Representatives (as defined by the USOPC bylaws) representing one of the five competitive disciplines;
    • Meet the criteria, expectations and time commitment outlined in USA Gymnastics Board Member Specifications and Qualifications for Service (Article 4.3 of USA Gymnastics Bylaws);
    • Must share USA Gymnastics' commitment to athlete safety and well-being.
Authority - The Athletes' Council will update its Bylaws as soon as practical to align with the changes to USA Gymnastics Bylaws. The Athletes' Council may go ahead and conduct elections, as its Bylaws provide that, "Any conflict between these Bylaws and the Bylaws of USA Gymnastics shall be resolved in favor of the Bylaws of USA Gymnastics."

Election Process and Timeline
  • Call for expressions of interest: A call for expressions of interest from eligible 10 year and 10+ year athlete representative members will take place from Jan 11-18, 2021.
  • Vetting: Vetting of nominees will occur by January 20, 2021.
  • Election: All current USAG members of the Women's Artistic Gymnastics discipline who have competed at a Pan American Games, World Championships or Olympic Games within the past 10 years will be eligible to vote for the WAG athlete director. Elections will take place from January 21 – 27, 2021.
  • Take office: The successful candidate will begin service immediately upon election.
Expressions of Interest should be submitted via email to Mary McDaniel at by Monday, January 18 and include the following:
  • Candidates Name and contact information
  • USAG membership number, if current
  • Short (1 page or less) resume, including event and year in which you competed (Olympic Games, Pan American Games and/or World Championships)
  • Head shot