Additional information on the adjusted 2021 State/Regional Championship and National Qualification process
posted on 12/16/2020

The National Committees and State & Region Chairs have been continually planning for contingencies within the 2021 domestic competition season over the past few months, and the time has come to move forward with some of those alternatives in the efforts to have a successful season.

There are two main changes implemented at this time for 2021:

  • VIP Classic is postponed to June 3-6, 2021 (as previously advised).
  • States & Regions will have additional flexibility relating to State and Region Championships and qualification to National Championships, in order for each area to make decisions that best suits their individual circumstance. There will also be additional allowances for athletes trying to qualify for national events.
This PowerPoint presentation outlines the changes (note that some of these are also changes from what is currently published in the current T210). An R&P Amendments document reflecting these adjustments will be published here in early January.