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Safe Sport Reporting
posted on 07/16/2020

It is the duty of every professional member of USA Gymnastics to report child abuse or any misconduct under the SafeSport Code. Per the Code:

    “Any adult under the jurisdiction of USA Gymnastics who becomes aware of an incident of child abuse or sexual misconduct involving a minor must immediately report the incident to law enforcement and the U.S Center for SafeSport.”

If you are made aware of a situation, you must immediately make a report. This includes any behavior that could lend itself to grooming such as failure to follow the one-on-one policy. This can include, but not limited to the following grooming behaviors:

  • Massaging an athlete’s shoulders or any massage not performed by a medical professional under official medical guidelines
  • Harassment related to the body of the athlete
  • One-on-one gift giving
  • Intentionally Isolating an athlete from their parents
  • Encouraging the athlete to keep secrets
  • The adult talking about sex or making sexual jokes in front of athletes
  • Touching the child in the presence of the parents so the child and the parents become comfortable with the adult’s touch
  • Showing pornography to a child

When making a report, it’s important to be as specific as possible as to what you were told or witnessed. Please don’t attempt to investigate.

For questions about policy, you can reach USA Gymnastics Safe Sport at

To make a report to USA Gymnastics:
There are several links below for your reference: the Center’s reporting portal, USA Gymnastics reporting portal, our policy, and the snapshot guide. Please make sure anyone who comes to you with a concern understands where and how they can report. They can also contact our email at Thank you.

Please visit the links below for information on making a report to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.